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    I copied about 20GB to a new folder on the desktop to then copy it to DVDs. I did a permanent delete with the Shift/Del to remove them once I copied a DVD at a time, 4GBs about. After about three of them I noticed that the space available on the C drive was not reflecting that I now deleted them. I am very close to the redline of my TB drive so I check often. I did another one then just regular deleted them and then removed from the Recycle Bin and the space popped back up as normal.
    I thought that this made a bit of sense as maybe the Desktop is not using the C drive but it certainly reflected the reduction in available space when I copied them to the desktop so why not the perm delete as well.

    Can somebody explain this and are there copies out there somewhere still or is the reflected number even correct now? What can I do?
    Thanks, B
    12-20-2016 11:42 AM
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    Hi Welcome to Windows central! I'm not sure I follow you on this. Things on the desktop are short cuts! If you want to find out whats on your hard drive, give this a try!
    Here's a excellent way to find out whats taking up space on your hard drive. Here's link from HTG! How to Use Windows 10?s Storage Settings to Free Hard Drive Space
    If you need more help, please join the forum. We enjoy helping PC and Phone users!
    PS I have done this many times. Yes I could explain how to do this, but my friend HTG does it much better then I could.
    You don't have to have the answers, you just need to know where to find them! This is a great tip and I should get a brownie point from staff for this, but that probably won't happen. LOL
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    12-20-2016 11:55 AM

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