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    I wanted to get some advice if I can please. I have a Surface Book (Intel Core i5 2.5Ghz, 8GB) this is all great. My issue is with storage, I only have 116GB of space on C: with 34GB free.

    I'm going to be doing some learning work in which I will install VirtualBox and create 2 VM's on there (Linux builds). The issue is that its recommended that each VM be given 50GB of storage each to do what it needs to. I obviously don't have that so I was thinking of buying a USB drive and connecting that up to the Surface. How important is performance? Not hugely as each VM will be allocated 2GB of my 8GB, I'll deal with that but I do want a fairly decent USB drive so I wondered if anyone had any recommendations/suggestions on how I should do this?

    Initially I'm thinking of this on Amazon "Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2 TB USB 3.0 Portable 2.5 inch External Hard Drive for PC and Mac - Silver "
    (It thinks I'm spam if I put the link.

    Surface Book supports USB 3.0 right?

    Any comments on this.


    01-12-2017 04:58 AM
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    Please join the site so you can reply in this thread. See this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.

    You've asked something just a LITTLE above my skills, so I'm going to seek help on your behalf. I will reach out to some friends and try to get you an answer. :)
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    01-12-2017 09:45 AM
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    Surface Book does have USB 3.0 ports x 2.

    For minimum $ outlay a USB 3.0 stick might be a good idea. I'd really comb through spec and reviews to make sure you get a stick that performs the best.

    How about a 3.0 compliant external HDD though? Huge amount of space and likely to have way more R/W speeds. It might prove to be a better investment in the long haul.
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    01-12-2017 11:51 AM
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    Hi @ RumoreedNow. I think the OP mentioned a seagate external hard drive! That's what I would recommend, as you also did in your reply!
    Here's quote from OP. Team work! Can you believe they now have 8TG external Hard Drives!
    "Initially I'm thinking of this on Amazon "Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2 TB USB 3.0 Portable 2.5 inch External Hard Drive for PC and Mac - Silver "
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    01-12-2017 12:13 PM

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