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    My E, F, G, and H function as page up keys whenever I click on them on a page somewhere. And I don't know if it's sticky keys or not because it's not in my settings.
    For example when i'm on google and I press E, F, G, or H, it takes me to the top of the page and locks me there until I press the end key.
    02-05-2017 02:20 AM
  2. Guytronic's Avatar
    Welcome to WC!
    As a guest you will need to join to type a reply with more details.

    Best guess is the driver for whatever input on whatever device you are talking about may be corrupt or the keyboard may have suffered damage.
    Without further details from you it's almost impossible to fully access or diagnose.

    I urge you to join on as a member.
    Good luck!
    02-05-2017 01:48 PM

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