1. Doctor_Who's Avatar
    I've got a Windows Mobile 10 phone (Lumia 950). I've known that it is possible to do a Skype call, with or without video, between one WP phone and another, but I've never done it. Been thinking of trying it out. What I'd like to know is what are the impact upon the data plans, etc.? I'm sure it cost something, but is it an additional charge from Microsoft? Or is it free between 2 people both using WP phones? (Except for one's data charges, of course, from one's data carrier.) Is there some restriction, like maybe only 1 hour a month?
    03-19-2017 04:49 PM
  2. Mark Kaplan's Avatar
    Anyone on any carrier can make a Skype call as long as they have a data connection or WiFi connection. The call will consume data as it is VoiP. Audio calls will consume much less than video calls. There are no extra charges other than the data consumption with your carrier unless your on WiFi and then its totally free.
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    03-19-2017 06:17 PM
  3. eastlawyers1's Avatar
    to use Skype is free, and it only needs some mobile traffic. So just check it from your setting. And when it connects with wifi, it is all free.
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    03-20-2017 01:05 AM
  4. raycpl's Avatar
    If your phone is online, you can use skype (text, voice, video call).. you don't have to your courier data connection.... cos will work on any WiFi, public or otherwise

    ... !!
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    03-20-2017 01:53 AM
  5. anthonyng's Avatar
    I have office 365 home so I get 60 mins calling to a lot of places (phone numbers). I've been trying to use it up when I remember (I can set my callerid to my phone number so people won't know the difference) I've been trying to use more whatsapp calling but the app has been kinda slow lately.

    This will reduce my actual calling hours need and maybe I only need to spend $25 per year of actual sim calling... I don't really sms much either, it's mostly whatsapp these days for that.
    05-04-2017 10:21 AM

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