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    Upon a restart, my Logitech Brio scans my face (red light flashing), but then it always says it doesn't recognize me. I can login fine with password, PIN, or fingerprint. If I then manually lock the computer (Win+L) and try to log back in with face recognition, the red light on the BRIO flashes very briefly, then it always pops up at the top of the Lock Screen with, "Windows Hello is currently disabled by your administrator." But Windows Hello works fine for PIN or fingerprint reader. Problem limited to face recognition.

    I'm the system administrator, and I certainly haven't intentionally disabled Hello Facial Recognition. If it matters, this is a Domain connected computer, connected to Windows Server 2012 R2, but I have never made any changes to the Policy related to Windows Hello.

    Under Sign-in options for Hello, the setting "Automatically dismiss the lock screen if we recognize your face" is set to On (and I've turned off and back on, just in case). I've gone through Improve recognition several times, which does ask for a PIN every time before scanning my face (didn't used to do this before the Creators Update), but reports success after I enter my pin and it watches me for a few seconds.

    Zero problems with this before the Creators Update. Definitely something in the Creators Update broke Windows Hello Facial Recognition. Any suggestions?
    04-08-2017 10:29 AM
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    Oh, maybe it's this issue: https://www.neowin.net/news/the-wind...t-theres-a-fix

    No video or BRIO webcam not detected after Windows 10 update - Logitech Support Article

    I can't test this right now, because not at that computer, but will later today. However, I do know that the Brio camera is working with Skype still, so I'm not sure this solution is related to the Hello problem.
    04-10-2017 07:21 AM
  3. GraniteStateColin's Avatar
    No, that was not the solution. Still no luck getting Brio 4k to support Hello and facial recognition since the Creators Update broke it. I've also posted at Logitech and seen a few others report the same issue, but no solution yet.
    04-12-2017 07:06 AM
  4. GraniteStateColin's Avatar
    Problem solved. Hope this can help someone else:

    1. In the Start/Cortana search box, type: gpedit and run the Group Policy Editor
    2. Under "Computer Configuration" open: Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Biometrics -> Facial Features
    3. Right click on "Configure enhanced anti-spoofing" and select Edit
    4. Set it to Disabled
    5. At least for me, it worked at the next system lock w/o requiring a restart -- BRIO recognized me and Hello unlocked my computer, just back like it was before the Creator's Update
    04-18-2017 05:45 PM

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