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    The question is if this is viable solution.

    I have Office Family subscription, $113/year in Sweden. It gives 5x office packages including 5 x 1TB OneDrive storage.
    But it’s just me and a son in law that use it.
    I have connected almost all to OneDrive folders, including desktops and alike. About 450 GB
    On my 100/10 mbps connection it takes days to upload that kind of data on 10-12 mbsp speed.

    My thought was to set up a second Microsoft account and use one of the 5 included 1 TB as backup on OneDrive.
    To be used only when I want to backup and should not otherwise be automatically synced.

    Can I have 2 accounts on the Win 10 PC that have access to “everything” aka the same data?
    Will it be sure the account not logged into is not synced to OneDrive?

    So, if some malware or ransomware attack me the second OneDrive will be safe?

    Apologize if it’s already asked. I did a light search and didn’t find anything.

    Computer set up is an Intel core i5 second generation PC latest Win 10 Prof, an Surface 3 w Win 10 Home, an Galaxy A5 and occasional old iPad 3.
    08-30-2017 06:45 AM
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    Consider this old-school advice (thought I insist I'm not old): if you want to backup your entire device, go with offline backup solutions such as an external hard drive.

    OneDrive is good for documents and photos.
    08-31-2017 03:12 AM
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    From my own bad experience, have more than two backups... especially the files that are really important..

    ... !
    08-31-2017 07:54 AM
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    It was probably so that you couldn’t connect the same folder to 2 OneDrive Accounts.

    As you say back up on a separate hard drive. I have to buy one bigger.
    As it is I have one 250 GB SSD for Windows system and programs and one 1 TB for documents, photos and so on. Then I have two "left over" disks, one 500 GB and a 250 GB.
    I have now backed up on these two with FreeFileSync. And physically disconnected them. Then I intend to do another try on a OneDrive account and sync the discs. Probably have to make the RAID and redo the backup in a designated OneDrive Folder.
    Considering my previous sloppy backup regime once a week or even once month will be a great improvement. Its only for private use.

    I’m not sure how OneDrive works, I sync my backup drives, log out and physically disconnect the drives. Then the next time I want to backup I connect the drives don’t open OneDrive program, and update the backup on the drives with e.g. FreeFileSync. Then I open the OneDrive program and sync. But will the disks take precedence, i.e. deleted files on them will be deleted on OneDrive? And not written back to the drive.
    I suppose even if OneDrive isn’t started the folder designated as OneDrive will make some log that communicate with OneDrive?
    Suppose this will be a trial and error experience. :-)

    I’m afraid om the “Unlink this PC”, will everything have to be done all over again on new link connection. :-)
    I don’t want to do fresh upload of everything, just to upload 280 GB raw photo did take days on 10-12 mbps.

    My planned scenario is:
    Ordinary almost all data on the PC is duplicated on OneDrive and selected stuff can be synced on e.g. Surface 3 and reached on any phone, tablet and so on.
    Then I backup to separate hard drives that are synced with another OneDrive account. These drives are then physically separated from the ordinary use. All in all, the data is stored in 4 different places.

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    09-01-2017 10:09 AM

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