1. vandanar's Avatar
    To take the backup of my current system
    1. I went to Backup and Restore
    2. Click on create system image.
    3. When I select ' On Hard disk ' option it doesn't allow me to select my pen drive
    saying ' This drive cannot be used to store backup image because it is not
    formatted with NTFS .
    4. If I select drive which is on hard disk of the laptop then it says ' This drive selected
    is on same physical disk that is being backedup. If disk fails you will loose backup '

    What should I do to be able to take backup.
    09-19-2017 03:03 AM
  2. neo158's Avatar
    Like the message says, you need to reformat the pen drive as NTFS in order to back up to it.
    09-22-2017 09:08 PM

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