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    I recently noticed how with ipads the physical/capacitive not only functions as home button but also as showing tabs when double pressed.
    I personally have a tablet running windows 10 which has a capacitive button (Dell venue 11 pro 7140), and was wondering if its possible to add a second function (/when double pressing) to a button or key in windows 10. Is there software that can do this?

    (I do know its possible to change what the physical/capacitive button does, by just directly changing what the "Home" key does. So if I can add a 'double press' function to the Home key its should automatically work for the physical button too)

    Tnx for taking the time.
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    12-03-2017 03:53 PM
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    So I think the best option you have is to find a third-party software tool that allows you to remap hardware keys, but the question is finding one that will do what you want. That might be the hardest part as it's not something I have personal experience with.

    Even then, I'm not aware of one that supports double-presses...
    12-03-2017 05:57 PM
  3. DOGC_Kyle's Avatar
    On Windows the equivalent is swiping in from the left edge. Is that what you want?

    You'd need to map the button to Win+Tab. But I don't know how you'd do that, or if it's even possible to read a double press of a hardware button.
    12-05-2017 01:48 PM
  4. ochhanz's Avatar

    On Windows the equivalent is swiping in from the left edge. Is that what you want?
    , no although I already use that alot, I was thinking of just adding more shortcuts, like quick way to start explorer or such. I like pressing the button (the buzzing sound is funny xD ) so I would like to add more features to it.

    I have tried messing around with autohotkey (pretty cool opensource program), which is supposely being able to add double press functionality to keys. I managed to change what the windows button/key does with a single press. Now I only need to find out how to add double press functionality, the script should look something like this but there is still something faulty with it (note that # = windows key):

    if (A_PriorHotkey <> "LWin" or A_TimeSincePriorHotkey > 400)
    ; Too much time between presses, so this isn't a double-press.
    KeyWait, #
    Send, #e
    12-06-2017 04:58 PM
  5. ochhanz's Avatar
    Yes succes! :) The script below adds double press functionality for the windows key (it starts firefox), note that ';' is a comment and not actually code that runs and the first 4 lines are generic lines auto generated by autohotkey itself:

    if (A_PriorHotkey <> "~LWin" or A_TimeSincePriorHotkey > 350)
    ; Too much time between presses, so this isn't a double-press.
    Run, firefox.exe

    Ignore the part about the 4 lines are auto generated, I cannot remove it otherwise windows central will see my post as spam. :\
    12-07-2017 05:58 PM
  6. ochhanz's Avatar
    I wanted to add a long press function to the windows physical/capacitive button, but this wasn't possible (for normal keys and the windows key on the keyboard it is possible but for some reason not for the physical button), so instead I added a feature that checks how rapid you double pressed the button. If you pressed it double very fast, it will start & focus on firefox (or whatever browser you prefer) and if normal/slow it will open file explorer. I checked it in both tablet and non-tablet mode and it should work fine in both. I hope in the future there will still be physical buttons on laptops since I personally am finding it quite handy with the added double press features. Here is the AutoHotkey script:

    -edit sadly I cannot paste the code here since the site flags my post than as spam...
    12-08-2017 05:27 PM

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