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    please help !! I set same password for administrator and user in my BIOS , now when I enter BIOS it login as user not administrator. I can't do anything in BIOS.
    picture : ibb.co/k8Hor6
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    02-03-2018 02:35 AM
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    Is there any hardware option on your motherboard to reset the bios?
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    02-03-2018 12:58 PM
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    What Guytronic was alluding to is that without any more information... there isn't much anyone can do lol... so.. lot more information would be helpful :).

    Starting with what is the device is it a laptop or a desktop PC as the troubleshooting method will differ greatly.

    Namely, in a laptop you can't really reset the BIOS using the clear cmos jumper method for all models.

    You'd have to take it apart, risk shorting it with static as you will need to have the laptop plugged in when you take the CMOS battery out. Otherwise you will end up with a rather expensive brick.

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    02-04-2018 01:00 PM

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