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is this the only one having this mouse problem

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is there anyone here who can solve me a cursor problem; the cursor goes down by itself and I can't do anything and this is done because of a hacker who injected a code into my memory or in the bios, the problem persists even if I format my PC and install another Windows and also the problem also persists after a mouse change, I tried to find the suspicious process in order to stop it but still no results,please help me solve this problem?
thank you in advance

Brendon Leenheer

New member
Feb 23, 2021
Is your cursor jumping to a specific spot on the bottom of your screen or is it moving gradually downward? These can mean very different things from a troubleshooting standpoint.

Does your computer have a touchscreen? Ghost touches can be caused by crud on your display or a hardware problem.

The likelihood of someone hacking your computer in that specific way, and to that dramatic an extent, is extremeley minimal.