05-19-2018 03:53 PM
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  1. Vishvjeet Arya's Avatar
    I am curious about what do you think of Build 2018? Did it live up to the expectations?
    05-07-2018 03:28 PM
  2. BajanSaint69's Avatar
    I watched the keynote, it puts the reorg into perspective I thought.....
    05-07-2018 06:37 PM
  3. Pacus1x's Avatar
    Looks like MS is now really focused in what they want and they seem very confident about it... the bad news is that most of those features and innovations are not for consumer space or casual users. I think MS is getting away from consumer market every year and at the end it will only enterprise, B2B, cloud and AI products i won't be surprise if they let go and put in sale the Xbox and Surface division.
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    05-07-2018 09:18 PM
  4. FAHMI BASSEM's Avatar
    Build day 1 used to be more consumer friendly, this time it's the second day that as a consumer and a fan of MS HAVE to watch!
    05-08-2018 06:20 AM
  5. DavidBS1989's Avatar
    Andrómeda, Andrómeda, Andrómeda!
    05-09-2018 01:30 PM
  6. etphoto's Avatar
    Just curious, what build sold out? I know it wasn't early on. (if anyone knows)

    Sent from mTalk
    05-09-2018 02:59 PM
  7. Yahia Mostafa's Avatar
    I think it lived up to my personal expectations
    05-12-2018 03:05 PM
  8. HeyCori's Avatar
    Since I'm not a developer, I'm usually pretty neutral on Build. It's not like Build isn't important, but it's also just a tiny glimpse at where the company is going. There's a truly ground breaking announcement at Build every once in a while (and the same goes for other developer conferences) so I try not to get overly hyped about it.
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    05-12-2018 03:39 PM
  9. KeybladeSpyMaster's Avatar
    I kinda was disappointed, but that's as a consumer. As it is a developer conference, I come into Build with a completely different perspective than the target audience. That said, I think Microsoft would do well to have an annual consumer-focused conference to showcase the products, both hardware and software, that they're working on and will soon release. They have Ignite already, and I believe that's more enterprise, so why not a consumer-focused one?
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    05-12-2018 03:56 PM
  10. YKinase's Avatar
    Excited about all the cognitive services available to developers. Hard push on azure but that's to be expected and not unwelcome. Would have liked to hear more about Hololens OS plans but the two new apps are good to hear about.
    05-12-2018 04:07 PM
  11. slepr's Avatar
    My take is that build is for developers and not consumers like me. Like others, I get a sense that MS is becoming less general-consumer focused and am beginning to think that adromeda may never come to fruition.
    05-12-2018 05:32 PM
  12. anon(10458357)'s Avatar
    As a consumer facing developer it was a slap in the face honestly.

    Microsoft needs to remember that there are two types of developers, ones that build enterprise focused apps, and ones that build consumer focused apps. Seems like Nadella and minions have completely thrown in the towel on consumer. Every single presentation was geared primarily towards the enterprise space. All of this does not bode well for the MS Store, UWP, nor for the release of a Core OS based mobile device, since all of these are heavily consumer focused.

    What did Build 2018 say to companies like Fitbit, Hulu, Netflix, Spotify, Facebook, Pandora, Slack, WhatsApp, and others who have stuck with the store for a number of years now? I guess we'll see. But my guess is that more and more big name brands will leave the store. Why shouldn't they? Microsoft has all but officially abandoned the consumer space. One by one they will wake up to that reality and abandon the Microsoft ecosystem as well.

    If you are a consumer focused developer my advice would be to start learning Android Studio and Java as soon as possible. The writing is clearly on the wall.
    05-12-2018 05:45 PM
  13. MosaicMarch's Avatar
    If you are a consumer focused developer my advice would be to start learning Android Studio and Java as soon as possible. The writing is clearly on the wall.
    Exactly! I can vitnes more and more developers moving away from MS, and not only consumer focused devs, but also enterprise. I'd say future is not bright for MS. To many bad mistakes, probably due to constant search for next big thing. Well, you had it but loose it. It's time for devs to move next, sadly...
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    05-12-2018 06:37 PM
  14. Trix256's Avatar
    Disappointing. 'onthesurface' comment sums it up perfectly. No Andromeda, Fitbit, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, nothing truly exciting = not much care about it
    05-12-2018 08:40 PM
  15. KJW23's Avatar
    I am curious about what do you think of Build 2018? It was good for me.

    Did it live up to the expectations? Yes it was awesome.

    It made me more confident to start my tech company. Why Microsoft concentrate on Emprise. My company with concentrate on Smart Home and consuming devices
    05-12-2018 10:25 PM
  16. rdburke's Avatar
    Yes, it did live up to my expectations, I updated 5 of my Pc's to Build 2018 and did not have a single issue. Bravo Microsoft! Let's keep this trend going......
    05-12-2018 10:49 PM
  17. Cbarnhorst's Avatar
    You are confusing "Build 2018," the name of a developers' conference just held in Seattle, with "Windows 10 April 2018 Update," the newest version of Windows 10 and totally unrelated to "Build 2018."
    05-12-2018 11:51 PM
  18. Cbarnhorst's Avatar
    I don't think consumer versus enterprise is either/or. Build 2018 focused on developers and the enterprise space that is expanding. The consumer space is not being relegated to a lesser role; that space is just quieter than the enterprise space right now. The consumer space remains robust but it is not where the headlines are. I don't have a problem with that.

    The real angst seems to be about abandoned efforts like Windows Phone and Courier. Obviously, there is a fear that current initiatives may suffer the same. I think it is just as well that there is no official word about Andromeda yet because the forums would fill up with negativism based on perceived past MSFT performance before the devices hit the market.
    05-13-2018 12:01 AM
  19. Richard Toft's Avatar
    From a Developer perspective it was good, it outlined a good roadmap. It promoted platform agnostic development, some great new dev tools announced, design refresh and accessibility to new tools to legacy applications (which tbh is what most dev's work on), accessibility to deep learning, cognitive tools AI (Cortana) is getting smarter, more data centres and Kinnect is back :-). There were hints of the future of windows (reassurance it will be around).
    05-13-2018 05:51 AM
  20. Tales Normando's Avatar
    Wished they'd talked about Windows Core OS and/or Composable Shell, but hearing about Fluent Design Wave 2 was good enough for me. Can't wait to see shadows in Windows 10!
    05-13-2018 07:52 AM
  21. donhackman's Avatar
    No but don’t think I/O did either...I guess having both in the same week caused quite a few people to have to choose between the two. All in all the conference was a success. I am excited to get started on the AI and ML improvements.
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    05-13-2018 08:33 AM
  22. wpcautobot's Avatar
    Yes, it met my expectations because the folks at Windows Central set them with realistic and thorough articles days in advance.
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    05-13-2018 09:28 AM
  23. Roman DeSilva's Avatar

    Microsft is basicly IBM now.

    This is the 1'st time I watched Build only to feel like Microsoft has kinda thrown in the towel. They've essentially said they're happy being the back end to everything else. But then again, Nadella is a suit. He's a coorporate guy. For all the winching about Ballmer, he was excited and gung ho about the consumer space. At this point I think it would be better if they split Microsoft Hp style. Sold Microsofts consumer efforts (Xbox, Surface, anything that could be remotely mistaken for fun) to Bezos/Amazon.

    Then Nadellas Microsoft can go away and be a B2B. Because they have no follow thru. Look at Cortana. she was ahead as far as capabilities. now she's so far behind they've pivoted away from digital assistant. Look at skype. They've lost ALL interest in building it out. The iOS/Android version isn't even avail able on Windows. They bought Xamarin and have done less than nothing with it. They talked a big game of developers bringing their apps to Windows but have A: never done the kind of developer push the way they did with windows phone or Wondows 8 or 8.1. Or B: brought their own apps to Windows 10. Notice theres' no FLow app for windows 10.

    They've litterally put more effort into making Android more usable than Windows 10 tablet mode. Microsoft should just go all in on Azure and enterprise. Because unless Nadella retires, consumers like us are just going to be an afterthought.
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    05-13-2018 11:47 PM
  24. Nitish_KSharma's Avatar
    In general as a young dev working on MS tech, I am yet to consume a lot that was produced in build. But whatever I have seen so far or heard, I am impressed. I was hoping they'd tease more on consumer products but that's just expectation, they don't have to fulfill that in a dev conference. Its a technology company first and foremost. A lot of tech they develop, many a times doesn't result in their own products but in other company's products. It has to be looked at in this context.
    05-14-2018 10:09 AM
  25. Nitish_KSharma's Avatar

    If you are a consumer focused developer my advice would be to start learning Android Studio and Java as soon as possible. The writing is clearly on the wall.
    Its Not. Sorry to inform you but you are grossly wrong. See xamarin as an example. There were sessions on Xamarin as well as XAML standards both of which are very much consumer focussed dev technologies. Besides, a lot of talk on .net which ultimately is powering all of this. Miguel de Icaza was there as well as James Montemagno, both Xamarin guys. Talks on XAML standards were also focussed on how the standardization will be help xaml of UWP and Xamarin on same level. All of this is extremely consumer-centric tech.
    Besides, it would help if we can come to senses that Microsoft as this point does not have their own platform in mobile where majority of consumer centric development is happening, but still they are enabling devs who use their tech to develop on these platforms. That's very commendable. I think you need to understand that "a developer is a developer". One who basically writes clean codes, following good patterns and has good knowledge of software engineering and development process. IMHO, being a consumer focussed or enterprise focussesd developer is not a thing.
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    05-14-2018 10:13 AM
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