1. DroidUser42's Avatar
    When I set up MS Health on my Android, I'm pretty sure I used my MS login to set it up. And indeed I see a "sign out" function in the app. But I can't see anywhere where I can tell for sure what account I used.

    I'd think that the account would have to be the same login as used for HealthVault when that finally starts to happen, so I wanted to check what I was using. Is there anyone to tell? Anyone remember the detail of the sign-up (Did it have to be Microsoft? Our could it have used the account associated with my phone (gmail)?)
    01-15-2015 06:23 PM
  2. bksalt's Avatar
    I believe you were asked to enter your email address and your Microsoft password. That is what I used all
    01-16-2015 08:41 AM

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