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  1. Artur Verdini Meireles's Avatar
    Ive been noticing lately that when I workout and turno on the "exercise" mode, at the end of my workout I see blank spaces in between.
    Does anyone has notice that too? Im wondering what that could be. Only happens during workouts, not during sleep. Thanks!
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    03-24-2016 12:23 AM
  2. Nate Silver's Avatar
    This represents a period when the HR sensor was not detecting your HR, for whatever reason. How tightly do you wear the Band when exercising? It needs to be fairly snug, although if worn too tight this can cause inaccurate readings. In my experience, it is more usual to see drop-outs of a much shorter duration. Are you able to figure out what type of exercise you are doing when this happens, and is it consistent? It could also point to a problem with the sensor, but I think its more common to see wildly inaccurate readings rather than a five or six minute drop-out.
    03-24-2016 09:37 AM

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