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    From the Band 2 (refusing to buy my 3rd one) I went the Fitbit Charge 2 road. I was satisfied rather complacent and missed the Band 2 almost daily. Thankfully the unit crapped on itself (display was backwards or mirrored, and the screen would sometimes not work.) Fitbit replaced it with no problem but I opted to check out the Gear Fit 2 in the interim and I have been nothing but happy. The notifications are great. Matter of fact I ordered the Gear Fit 2 Pro for the update (battery life and water proofing.) I never used the Band 2's guided workouts so I don't miss that but for my purposes this is my more than adequate Band 2 replacement.
    Hah, same for me - after the second band, refusing to get a third, I went to the Charge 2 :) Thought it an interim solution and went looking for another one. Finally got the Polar M600 which looked like a solid Android Wear 2 smartwatch/fitness band. However, it didn't work right right out of the box and I had to send it for service. In the meantime I started to like the Charge 2 and the Fitbit software A LOT. It's just really intuitive and everything seems to work pretty flawlessly. So now I'm debating whether to stick with the Polar (I'm yet to get it back from service and see if a like it), or to stay with Fitbit. I've been eyeing the Get Fit 2 for awhile too... If I stay with Fitbit though, it has to be their new thing, the Ionic, because I also do need real notifications. There is also this Fitstar app that could probably replace the guided workouts. The thing is though, the notifications are not actionable with Fitbit, even with the Ionic, while Android Wear 2 lets you do a lot. Sooooo :) MS could have done things much simpler by coming out with Band 3 :)
    09-15-2017 10:31 AM
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    Vivosmart 3 does not sync with phone L950 and indoor biking heart rate measurements with the built in sensor are unreliable otherwise its comfortable to wear.
    09-15-2017 11:45 AM
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    I decided on a fitbit iconic.

    So far so good. From a smartwatch perspective, if really is doing as mich as my precious band2. I never got the replying, typing, voice functions to work properly. All that was working was really the text notifications. Which my Ionic js doing for me so far.

    One thing... Ionics battery life is amazing! I had it for 2 days ad charge was still >50%. Which is far better than the band.
    02-18-2018 08:50 PM
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    Sorry for the absence, I spend my time over on AC Central. Yeah the Ionic seems to be getting better, but the lack of being able to create my own workout and sync it to a Fitbit tracker for independent usage is what's hurting me. I work in a facility where I can't have my cellphone. I'll say it again. There are no devices on the market with the website ability to create a custom workout and sync it to a tracker. If there are, please tell me.

    Sadly my 3rd Band 2 just crapped out on me a few days ago. Had been looking everywhere. Found a good deal on another one but it sold. Even the good ones on ebay are a bit more than I want to invest. Happened to remember the marketplace here, so I jumped over here to take a look.
    02-26-2018 03:03 PM
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    I love my Band 2 but it has just started to develop a split in the strap so I know its just gonna fail on me soon. Listimg my Band 2 on ebay, it is sadly time to jump ship and so I picked up a Fitbit Charge 2 for £80 in last weeks Amazon Prime Day Sale. I feel anything more like an Apple Watch would be overkill.
    Early comments are:
    Great battery life, lasts for days - great for tracking sleep. I was charging my Band 2 every day.
    Smaller and lighter on the wrist
    Customisable clock face - display multiple elements on the time screen
    Great app - easy to use and understand to track exercise, weight and food. Better visually than MS Health.
    Replaceable strap!

    Notifications limited - calls, texts and calendars from IOS - forget Whatsapp, Facebook etc.
    Notifications not stored and only a few words are displayed.
    The Band 2 Clasp is brilliant. Being picky but I don't like the buckle-strap on the Fitbit but there isn't a similar equivalent.

    Not worried about transferring my data from MS Health and the Fitbit Charge 2 will do what I want it to as an activity tracker/health tool but I miss my Band 2, particularly the notifications, as it was more of a smart watch than the Fitbit. The Fitbit app is particularly easy to use and intuitive. I am trying to link my wife’s Apple Watch, IOS Health App and My Fitness Pal and it is driving me nuts!
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    07-21-2018 05:49 PM
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    My original Band 2's battery is starting to go but otherwise is working fine. I bought another new one last fall so I do have a spare. Unfortunately since my Essential Phone upgraded to Android Pie two days ago the Band app won't even open; it crashes immediately. I cleared my cache and reinstalled the app but got the same results.I am hoping they will update the app but at this point the band is only good for tracking my steps and checking my heart rate since none of the notifications work without the app.
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