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    It seems like a 'Play To' is a very common request for UPnP apps... however over the last while I decided to go off and do a few other UPnP related apps, some that have wide possibilities, others very narrow.

    I have four apps which are more or less done but I'd like to get some additional eyes on them, they are (not actual names):

    Think Device Spy, but written from scratch and in WP7 form. For advanced users who know UPnP and want to be able to probe a device, not to mention call a method on a given service & device.

    The urn:upnp-org:serviceId:RenderingControl service offers a multitude of potential ways to tweak a TV (if the TV exposes the service and methods) items like: Brightness, Contrast, ColorTemperature, Sharpness, Volume, Mute and more.

    Did you know some Samsung TVs support having textual messages being sent to the device? This app allows you to send a message of your choice to a compatible TV (Samsung Series 6 LCD tvs seem to be compatible, but would like to know if other Samsung TVs are).

    Basic test app written long ago for collecting SSDP traffic (how UPnP devices advertise themselves) and displaying target URLs.

    I am looking for people willing to take a spin with one or any of these apps, if you are interested (extensive UPnP understanding/experience is preferred for most), please shoot me an email at appbeta (at the domain) brendangrant.com and I'll add you to the beta of any/all you'd like, the next versions of which I hope/expect to post mid/late this week (blasted work getting in the way of so much).
    05-03-2012 04:28 AM