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    I am currently developing a Windows Phone app called AirPointer that lets you remote control your PC using the sensors of the smartphone. The experience is similar to using a Wiimote or Kinect. Especially useful on large screens like TVs!

    How it works
    The WP app automatically searches for PCs in the local network that are running AirPointer Desktop (the "server" software). As soon as the phone is connected to the PC you can move the mouse around smoothly by tilting the phone. So far it is quite similar to the app GyroRemote (showcased on WMPoweruser). AirPointer however does not simulate mouse clicks, but touch input. This makes the navigation through the modern UI of Windows 8 easier and more intuitive. Furthermore AirPointer displays commands on the phone that are specific to the active app. These are meant to be shortcuts for common actions, such as switching between tabs in Internet Explorer.

    Joining the beta
    You can signup for the beta here: svendev.azurewebsites.net/join-airpointer-beta (sorry, can't post links yet)

    v1.1.1.0 (December 18 2014)
    • Added basic multitouch support
    • Improved tapping (should be less error-prone now)

    Planned features
    • Improve multi-touch
    • More app specific commands
    • Maybe some kind of framework for third-party developers to integrate AirPointer support into their apps

    I'd love to get some feedback or ideas for improvement!

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