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Beta testers wanted for new game


New member
Feb 23, 2012
I've been making a new game - Mouse Dreams - and I'm looking for beta testing and feedback.

Information about the game, along with a form to request a beta code, is available at the following link.
Mouse Dreams – Coming Soon! – Grogan Software

Your email address is required to request a code. The email address is not shared or used for anything other than sending you a game code.

The game, Mouse Dreams, is a puzzle game with some platforming elements. It is aimed at young (or young at heart) players.
This beta is available for UWP (PC, tablet, and phone) only, and therefore requires Windows 10.

NOTE: I will only provide beta codes when requested via the webpage form, not via this thread. Please feel free to pass along feedback via this thread or via the email address on the beta page within the game.

Tejas Javery

New member
Mar 19, 2014
Count me in sir. I can be of your help. I have already worked with few developers like this. I have no knowledge, but I sure can help with feedbacks. :)