1. Brian LeMire's Avatar
    Been using WP and a Lumia 1020 for 2 weeks.. so I may just be missing something. (Was on android the previous ~4 years) I use Subsonic Music Streamer for bluetooth audio when i'm driving - Pause/Play button on my truck stereo works fine. Forward and Backward? Not at all. I swear there have been at least 1 time where i DID get it to forward a track, but no matter what I do now that doesn't seem to be the case (it also did not work again after that one time, in the same driving session). I'm sure it is on GDR3 this occurred, as I updated to GDR3 before I paired my phone and my truck stereo (Blaupunkt Toronto if I remember right).

    Anyone else having similar issues, or know what I've missed that I can try? I should probably try another music app, anyway - maybe it's Subsonic that's the problem and not WP...
    10-31-2013 07:58 PM
  2. badplanet's Avatar
    I created the first app for the Pebble watch on WP8. The Pebble can be used to control the music on the phone but there is one problem. When the lock screen is on the app can not move to the previous or next song. I have a setting in my app that disables the lock screen so that moving to the previous or next song works. Otherwise it gets stuck on the same song as soon as you pause or play the song.

    The time it worked, the lock screen may not have kicked in yet. Try disabling the lock screen and see if it is still a problem.
    10-31-2013 10:45 PM

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