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    Hello people from wpcentral. Anyone know if it can recover the ( hostname/machine name ) with a local IP address ? I know that the resolution reverse 'hostname -> ip' works perfectly with `DeviceNetworkInformation.ResolveHostNameAsync (endpoint, OnNameResolved, null).`
    Is it possible to do the same thing but in reverse? Given the IP of a Local Machine and retrieve its hostname? A thousand thanks
    **Here is my code** , but it's doesn't work the host is always called **""** like the ip . And it's should return **"computer0001"**
    [CODE] DeviceNetworkInformation.ResolveHostNameAsync("", OnNameResolved, null);

    private void OnNameResolved(NameResolutionResult result)
    IPEndPoint[] endpoints = result.IPEndPoints;
    if (endpoints != null)
    if (endpoints.Length > 0)
    //Host always return ip adress and not the machine name
    host = endpoints[0].ToString();
    11-08-2013 05:04 AM

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