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    Battery live tile Editor V3


    Battery Live Tile Editor | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)

    The update is online
    The new features are very much and the development effort was very time consuming, so the app made a leap in the third version.

    First, the new notification system would be here
    The GDR3 update it is now possible that apps can emit their own notification sounds.
    Three different notifications are issued when the battery live tile Editor.
    -If the battery power is weak
    -If the battery is charged
    -When the battery is fully charged
    However I wanted to not leave it at three standard shades, but the user can determine his tones even.
    To do this, there are the possibility to connect xtrose server to download whole sets up directly with the.
    In addition, you can configure yourself every single note.
    Because unfortunately no API available to import music into the app it must be downloaded from the Internet through a url.

    Pictures and figures editor
    Now an Internet area is ready for the pictures and numbers area.
    Here, the whole sets can be installed immediately from the Internet into the app.
    It is therefore no longer necessary to store the images individually import them into the app.
    The editor section is available but is still available, is also his own personal styles can create so that.
    If anyone should get the work, then I would be happy if you let the images come to me. I will like to ask on the server.
    Here thank you I especially kabal, which style a personal to me was and brought me to the idea.

    For countries with the automatic translation problems do there is now the possibility to change the language directly in the app.

    Changes in the system components
    Because the app should conform to a certain size, I've taken out some system components. This is off without further ADO, install immediately online. During an update, the parts remain however exist. All own created building blocks and styles are shown immediately above in the list. Thus they are immediately visible.

    xtrose Metro style
    The app has been in the xtrose Metro style installed and now makes a pretty picture.
    In addition, logo was changed the logo and the store.
    The xtrose logo is now can be switched off in the settings.

    Because the app is now quite complex a guide was created.

    New contact page
    The app has received a contact page to the German imprint sake.

    Bug fixes
    In the background service fixed a bug, which made it impossible to show 100% on the tile.

    In 44 languages

    12-18-2013 05:16 PM
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    Looks nice! Good job!
    12-18-2013 05:40 PM

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