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    Hi everyone. Just wanted to let devs know about two things that can make their lives easier when developing for WP8/8.1 and maybe improve the UX of their apps:

    1. The item and project templates shipped with the WP SDK for both WP8 and WP8.1 are inconsistent with the rest of the OS. This means that some font weights are wrong and some margins for texts and pivots aren't the same as a built in app like the Messaging app. I go more into detail in this blog post but the takeaway is that I've created templates that is more consistent with the native OS apps. I highly urge new and old developers to start using the corrected templates that can be downloaded here:

    Templates | Modernography

    2. I've created DataTemplates for LongListSelectors and ListViews that mimic list items that are found in native OS lists like the contacts list in the people hub or the inbox list in the mail app. I've made a page that can be used as a quick reference for copying pasting these DataTemplates into your list's ItemTemplates. This makes it easier for devs since they don't have to come up and style their own ItemTemplates. I've even included screenshots so you can see what the templates look like before dropping them into your XAML.

    List Item DataTemplates | Modernography
    05-04-2014 05:25 PM

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