1. Ruined's Avatar
    To make this simple, will have three categories -

    GREAT - Great experience while playing, if there is slowdown it is minimal at best. Highly recommended.
    GOOD - Good experience while playing, but occasional slowdown or other issue. A casual gamer is less likely to notice these issues.
    FAIR - Playable, but there may be areas of significant slowdown that affect gameplay. A casual gamer is more likely to notice these issues.
    POOR - Unplayable

    Angry Birds Space
    Angry Birds Star Wars
    Bad Piggies
    Jetpack Joyride
    Microsoft Mahjong
    Microsoft Solitaire Collection
    Monsters Love Candy
    Pinball FX2

    Cut the Rope - Multitouch does not work (this goes for x64 version on i5/i7 also, by the way)
    Fresh Paint - UI much improved, but still not lag free.
    Microsoft Minesweeper - Good, but could be a bit smoother zooming in/out given the game's simplicity
    Shark Dash! - Menus have some slowdown, but actual gameplay is smooth
    Riptide GP - Some slowdown at times

    Bejeweled Live - Disappointing slowdown & lag for an old game!
    Jezzball Galaxy - Some slowdown & input lag
    A World of Keflings - Gameplay is mostly smooth at first, but there is massive slowdown in title, menu, load screens, and when there are a ton of things on the screen.

    Hydro Thunder Hurricane - Significant slowdown, crashes halfway through first level
    Rayman Jungle Run - Crashes on start
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    03-20-2013 03:55 AM
  2. jmerrey's Avatar
    Great: Bad Piggies

    I purchased the desktop version of bad piggies, and it runs very well. The only negative is that it has black bars on the left and right side; it's basically a square. Purchased on a Thinkpad Tablet 2.
    03-20-2013 11:40 AM
  3. Ruined's Avatar
    Microsoft updated their card games and they now run perfectly smooth. Fresh paint while not perfect is also much snappier. Great job!
    03-29-2013 01:16 PM
  4. Ruined's Avatar
    Added Bejeweled Live, a disappointment.
    03-30-2013 04:37 PM
  5. Ruined's Avatar
    World of Keflings, very playable but when a ton of things are onscreen the game becomes a slideshow.
    04-01-2013 11:00 AM
  6. Ridemyscooter86's Avatar
    I got Deus Ex to run, everything other game is irrelevant. Performance was bad though...I bet with some tweaks I could get it playable, but still, I officially have a tablet that can run Deus ex!!!!!
    04-02-2013 06:54 AM

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