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    I've just purchased a Linx 1010 to replace my Linx 10 (See other thread) The onboard USB ports are a useful addition but other than that it's the same tablet running 10 <scratches head> I'm still getting used to it and I have a keyboard this time which I haven't tried yet.

    Previously 8.1 I stored my photos on my SD card. They were organised in folders (Year/events/family etc etc) and when you went to the photos app you could select the folder and view just those photos tiles.

    With 10 however the OS created a photos folder on the SD card with camera roll and saved folders within. I copied my photo folders/sub folders beside camera roll & saved and the photos app picks all the photos up but does not display them in folders but rather as a huge long list of tiles. There's 20 years worth and the creation dates/names are higgledy piggeldy so the tiles are all the place.

    How can I organise things to have them displayed as before?

    09-11-2015 02:01 AM

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