Whatsapp images show when importing files to Photos in W10

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When importing pictures in the Photos app in my PC with W10, all the useless pictures of the whatsapp chats appear in the dialog box. I have a few hundreds, and I don´t want them to appear. I´d like only the pictures and videos from the camera to show up for selection.

I have a Galaxy S10. I´ve tried to set up the USB connection to "Transfer Images" instead of "Transfer Files", so W10 recognises my phone as a camera (at least the icon is a camera), but it does the same.

I´ve also checked that the "nomedia" feature is on. The whatsapp pictures don´t show in the phone´s gallery.

Mi wife´s Huawei P20 Lite does it right. Only the camera pictures and videos appear in the dialog box of the W10 Photos Import feature. I have browsed a bit through the settings menu but couldn´t find a difference with what I have in the S10.

Is it a phone thing, or something with Windows?

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