1. Jan Marcelo's Avatar
    This is my second Action Center concept! Hope you like the new one! :P

    The first one is this -



    -A.C is now transparent.
    -Has an "X" button now like to close notifications the multitasking. Swiping right is still there.
    -Time and Search
    -Music support
    -Quick Settings are now at the bottom of the A.C

    05-11-2014 11:30 AM
  2. WavingReds's Avatar
    Much better but still

    less is more

    Don't need the big seach bar up there. Useless since all WP have a dedicated search button that uses Cortana that pulls straight from Bing servers.

    Don't need the big X to indicate how to dismiss the notification.

    The transparent background is more distracting than you think

    the number of numbers of notification on each app is REALLY tiny.

    Clear all is missing, something that iOS and Android does not have and people in WP loves.

    All Settings is way too close to the >> button

    I'm missing something but there's your critique from me.
    05-11-2014 02:42 PM

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