1. jojapath's Avatar
    Tried to open the app today and it wouldn't open. So I restarted and soft-resetted my phone and still wouldn't open. I then decided to uninstall it and to my surprise, I CANNOT UNINSTALL IT EITHER!

    When I hold the Whatsapp icon until the menu comes out and click on "uninstall", It doesn't do anything!!! The app stays on my phone but I can't open it or uninstall it! Tried soft-resetting and restarting the phone again to no avail...

    Is there anyway to remote-uninstall apps on the phone because I really don't want to hard reset it!!!!
    11-07-2014 02:07 PM
  2. CarR9's Avatar
    I have the same problem during 3 hours...!!! It's embarrasing!!!

    P.D: Problem solved, reinstalling app through the windows phone web... I have my Lumia synchronize with my Nokia account, I have to activate the location in my L920 and the first option in "Find my phone" settings. After, I can reinstall the app using the market of the windows phone web using my pc, if the store gives you an error (WP8 Error 8103010d), uninstall whatsapp without cancel the existing download.

    Sorry for my english, I've a little forgotten.
    Last edited by CarR9; 11-07-2014 at 07:01 PM.
    11-07-2014 03:07 PM
  3. jojapath's Avatar
    Tried to reinstall from the web and my PC and nothing...

    and Like I said in my post, I can't uninstall either so.....
    11-07-2014 08:11 PM
  4. anon9169769's Avatar
    Go to app store and download an app called files. From there you can uninstall it. Works a treat
    11-07-2014 09:01 PM
  5. pedmar007's Avatar
    No issues but BBM takes a while at times to open up and I do mean a while. Hopefully the next update will fix that as we all know that these devs are trying to optimize these msg apps to suit the WP8.1 OS.
    11-07-2014 09:11 PM
  6. jojapath's Avatar
    Could you please elaborate this? "FILES" is an app to search for files on your phone... How does it uninstall apps???

    My problem is that Whatsapp is frozen in my phone! Won't uninstall and won't open....

    Unbelievable but true ....
    11-07-2014 09:21 PM
  7. anon9169769's Avatar
    Like I said.... Download files from app store then open the app and you can delete it from there
    11-08-2014 09:00 AM
  8. jojapath's Avatar
    I tried what you're saying but I cannot do this. The app "files" is for files on the phone.... I can delete files but I can't delete apps!!!
    11-08-2014 07:44 PM
  9. anon9169769's Avatar
    Whatsapp is in there... When you see whatsapp dint click on it... Instead hold your finger down then delete it
    11-08-2014 08:55 PM
  10. jojapath's Avatar
    No it's not! Only files folders.... No apps... I don't think you're talking about the right app... If you're talking about this app:
    Files | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)

    What you see are file folders, not the actual apps so if you delete the folder, the app stays on your phone, it doesn't uninstall it!

    And now even my calendar app won't open!!!
    11-09-2014 02:33 PM

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