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    Recently, HP announced the Lap Dock, a device that basically turns your mobile phone into a laptop-like device. The idea is not completely new. A few years ago, Motorola already sold a device that was also called LapDock. However, continuum adds a whole new dimension to devices like this.

    So here is a list of some of these devices. Does anybody have any additions to this list?

    HP Elite 3x Lap Dock

    Attachment 128826

    Maximize your mobile Windows experience

    Boost your HP Elite x3 productivity with Windows Continuum(1) and HP Workspace(2) multi-screen and multi-app flexibility on the HP Elite x3 Lap Dock, which delivers a premium notebook experience with a nearly borderless 12.5” diagonal FHD screen,
    full-sized keyboard, and clickpad at a great value.

    Cable optional
    Go wired or wireless. Connect your HP Elite x3 to the Lap Dock wirelessly with Miracast over 802.11ac 2x2 Wi-Fi3 for added flexibility, or use the included USB-C™ cable to simultaneously charge it from the Lap Dock while you work.

    Multi-task with seamless multi-screen flexibility
    Talk, text and run mobile apps on your HP Elite x3 and work with Windows and corporate apps
    using Windows Continuum(1) and HP Workspace(2) on an ultra-narrow bezel 12.5” diagonal screen with the productivity boost of a large keyboard and trackpad.

    A premium notebook experience without the notebook price tag
    Easily extend your HP Elite x3 with a large FHD screen and backlit, spill-resistant keyboard. The quiet, fanless, reinforced polycarbonate and stamped aluminum alloy design is ultrathin and ultralight to go wherever your day takes you.

    Ready to present and accessorize
    Show and share your work on an external display or projector(3) with the micro HDMI connector, and add your accessories(4) with two USB-C™ ports

    Power through
    Keep working with a generous 46.5 WHr battery, and get your HP Elite x3 back to full battery
    power with USB-C™ charging, even when the display is closed.


    Part number Y4T08AA
    Display Nearly borderless 12.5-inch diagonal LED-backlit FHD (1920 x 1080)
    Audio/Visual Integrated Bang & Olufsen stereo speakers;
    Integrated noise cancelling microphones*;
    Stereo headphonejack
    Ports and Connectors 1 USB Type-C™ (data; HP Elite x3 docking/charging)
    2 USB Type-C™ (data; power in/out)
    1 Micro HDMI
    1 Stereo headphone jack
    Input Backlit, spill-resistant keyboard with drain; Touchpad
    (w x d x h)
    11.37 x 7.91 x 0.54 in
    (289 x 201 x 13.8 mm)
    Weight 2.3 lb (1 kg)
    Power Battery: 4-cell (46.5 WHr)
    45W USB Type-C™ power adapter
    Option kit contents HP Elite x3 Lap Dock,
    45W USB-C power adapter,
    * Not currently supported. (Enabled when voice audio routing to external docks is enabled with MicrosoftContinuum. App availability and experience varies by device and market.)

    1. For multi-screen Continuum experience, the HP Elite x3 must be connected to the HP Elite x3 Lap Dock through a Miracast Wi-Fi or USB-C™ connection to the HP Elite x3 Lap Dock’s integrated display.

    2. HP Workspace software update for Windows 10 required and planned in a future release. Subscription required. Corporate application must be licensed on corporate network for virtualization.

    3. When the HP Elite x3 and HP Elite x3 Lap Dock are wirelessly connected, the connectors on the Dock will have limited functionality. The USB-C™ ports will support input devices only (e.g. mouse). The headphone jack’s receive function will work for listening to audio, but the microphone will not operate. The micro HDMI port will still work normally.

    4. Sold separately


    I only just found out about NexDock, a similar device, which will cost $119. Indiegogo lists these specs:

    Dimensions & weight: 351 mm x 233 mm x 20 mm, 1490 gr
    Display: 14.1 inch 1366*768 TN Screen with 16:9 display ratio
    Keyboard and Touchpad: Bluetooth class 4.0
    Battery: Li-ion battery, 3.8V / 10000mAh
    HDMI port: mini HDMI
    Connectivity: 2x USB port, 1 x TF card slot, 1 x 3.5mm headphone port, built-in dual speakers (NexDock works as expansion dock when connected via USB)
    Power: DC 3.5mm 5V/2.5 A

    This might be an alternative for those who think the lap dock is a bit too expensive.
    (Does anybody know about other alternatives?)



    And then there is the Casetop by Livi-design. It will cost $259,-.
    Their facebook page claims it might support Continuum too, as it works with Bluetooth and Miracast.

    Display: 11.6" Ultra-Sharp Full HD Display (1080p)
    Keyboard: 78-Key Island-Style Keyboard with Crisp Action
    Mount: Variable-Size Fornt Mount, Variable-Size Smartphone Side Mount
    Connectivity: Power, USB, HDMI, MHL, Houdio In



    Just to compare:
    A crowdfunding-action for a similar device targeting Android is on its way.
    The superbook (site) (facebook) WILL NOT support Continuum.

    Detailed Specs

    • 11.6" LCD display at 768p
    • 7.6" x 11.3" x 0.7" (19.3 cm x 28.7 cm x 1.8cm)
    • 2.0lb / 0.9kg
    • Custom Charging Port w/ Standard US Charger
    • USB Type-C port
    • Supports Type-C and Micro-B smartphones
    • 8+ hour battery life
    • Simultaneously charges smartphone
    • QWERTY keyboard (Android OS layout)
    • Android-specific navigation keys (Home, Back, Menu, Recent)
    • Multi-touch trackpad

    Smartphone Minimum Requirements

    • Android 5.0+
    • Dual Core Processor and above
    • 1.5GB RAM or higher
    • Type-C or Micro-B phone port
    • 25mb of free storage (100mb+ recommended)


    Acer Liquid Extend Laptop Kit

    • 11,6" display at 1366x768 pixels
    • Custom Charging Port w/ Standard US Charger
    • 1 USB Type C port
    • 2 USB Type A (3.0) port
    • HDMI port

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    More about the Superbook on WindowsCentral here: superbook-adds-secondary-display-your-surface
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    A warning about the Superbook. It is identical to a laptop Asus released 2014 called EeeBook X205TA. I own this laptop myself and the Superbook is 100% identical, everything really except that they have removed the Asus logo. I suspect they have done some clever Remote Desktoping to give the illusion of it being a dock.

    Here are two pictures so you get them side by side:

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    About the Superbook:

    I contacted the people behind Superbook and aksed them if it would support Continuum:
    Will Superbook support Continuum? Will I be able to use it for my Lumia 950 or my Elite 3x? How does Superbook compare to competing products, like the HP Elite Lap Dock, the NexDock and the Livi-design Casetop?

    This was their response:

    Hi Bart! The Superbook doesn't support Windows phones, only Android phones.
    Between us and our competitors, we think that we're the most affordable, accessible, and comprehensive solution. We support the Google Playstore (not all of our competitors do), our Kickstarter price is $99, and installing us is really simple since our software is just an app that runs on top of the Android OS (we don't ask you to flash your ROM). There's no deep technical knowledge needed, and so we hope to reach broader audiences!
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    Based on the general trend of this conversation I have moved it to a dedicated thread in an area I hope will draw more views and input.

    Thanks. Great topic.
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    Can you connect an xbox to one of these?

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    Can you connect an xbox to one of these?

    Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
    Why would you want that?
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    Can you connect an xbox to one of these?
    Why would you want that?
    Portable gaming rig on the road...

    I don't know the answer, but I can see the reason.

    I suspect you could with the right HDMI cable to match each end.
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