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    Hey guys,

    So I just got a brand new HTX 8x for T-Mobile yesterday. Loving it! everything is working smooth, no issues and battery is lasting me. Its so smooth and fast. But I have noticed one problem and I feel like its a T-Mobile problem. My gf has the lumia 920 for at&t and every time she sends me a text message with an emoji smiley that's worth two (or more) texts I just don't receive it. I've come to notice a normal text (with just words) lets you put up to 160 characters. While a text with an emoji icon shrinks it down to 70 letters. And when she goes over 70 and it counts as 2 text, I never receive that text. But its not a windows phone problem, because when I do the same she gets my texts. So I tested it out, and I get all her texts 70 characters or under (with emoji) but anything above (2+ plus texts) I don't receive. and its ******* me off! Idk if I should call T-Mobile is anyone else having this issue? Or not receiving texts! test it to see if it works. Im getting frustrated and so is she. And I know its not the 8x because, I had the hd7 and I never got some texts from her (when she got her nl920) so Im assuming its from this error too. Please help! and hopefully im not the only one with this problem! Thank you and enjoy cyber Monday shopping and the holidays!

    11-25-2012 11:18 PM

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