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    Good morning folks,

    I have a request on behalf of a friend that is looking to buy a HTC 7 Mozart solely because she wants to listen to a radio station from her home country while on the move. I would like to verify this will actually work before purchasing the phone!

    The station uses a microsoft media server, which seems quite unhappy to play with my android and her current samsung.

    website is http://www.thecoast.net.nz/ListenLive/
    stream (asx) http://www.thecoast.net.nz/listenliv....asx?random=24
    asx contains mms://wms-trn-all.streaming.net.nz/trn-coast-akl

    Could someone please confirm that the above audio stream will play in a stock phone? Your help is very much appreciated. :)
    11-28-2011 08:44 PM
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    No go in the browser but it looks like I found it with the TuneIn radio app and it seems to work fine.
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    11-28-2011 09:29 PM
  3. ywfbi's Avatar
    Thank you very much ;)

    Looks like we are a go!
    11-28-2011 09:46 PM