Vintage Radio - Music from the boom times of the roaring '20s.


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Dec 28, 2014
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Vintage Radio - music and broadcasts from the boom times of the roaring '20s to the hard times of the great depression.

Listen to all those vintage radiostations for free on your phone and enjoy the classic sound of jazz, swing and big band - 24/7 and 365 days a year - even when it's not 1920 at all.

Tune in at the audiostream of your choise and enjoy;

  • Abacus, jazz from the 1920s to 1940s
  • 1920s Radio, the 1920 big band radiostation
  • UK 1940, old music and historical broadcasts
  • Martini in the Morning, music with a martini in the morning
  • The Swing Station, a parade of hits from the 30s and 40s
  • Ducks House / Quake's House, vintage blues and old time music
  • Chucks Sentimental 40s, jazz swing cooners jive and more
  • Swing at War, the better 40s wartime music station
  • ...even more stations will be added in the future!

Vintage Radio delivers quality music of several vintage station direct to your Windows Phone. Besides the audiostreams, some of it's features are;

  • Pin every station direct to your startscreen.
  • Create your own ordered stationlist.
  • Random backgrounds of famous gravure artists.
  • Auto-mute of of the stream when an incoming call is detected.
  • Corrupted audio-streams are auto-detected and repaired within 24 hours.
  • Music plays both under the lockscreen and in the background (multi-tasking).
  • ...and the best of all; it's free to use (ad-supported at the bottom of the screen).

More information or even more music-apps needed? Check our site at or feel free to reply!

And don't forget... enjoy the Vintage - it's free!


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