1. gabbai's Avatar
    Can we sign in to windows live with different ID anytime we want ?

    I live in greece and i have my greek windows live id but i cant install apps until mango update.

    So i made a second live id with US a country in order to use my US visa and buy apps.

    Would that be a problem ?

    Thank you for reading
    06-11-2011 06:42 AM
  2. jimski's Avatar
    The first LiveID you sign in with becomes the primary ID for the device. So you can have multiple LiveIDs but to do what you plan, you will need to factory reset your phone and load the new ID first. It will take a little bit to get everything back the way it was but as you probably don't have many (any) apps installed, not a big deal.

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    06-11-2011 11:40 AM