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    as the title says: the windows phone connector app for mac doesn't see some of the videos i have in itunes. it's incredibly frustrating and i've tried pretty much everything i could think of, moved the actual files around in the itunes folder, allowed permission to every folder i could think of etc..
    they're all in the right format and if i send them by blutooth they show up, but then they get put in an annoying pictures folder. the thing is as well, some of my older videos do show up, but a couple of months ago the new ones i convert stopped being recognised. i thought it was because i was on wp7.8 or something, but i've upgraded the software and now also have a different phone so what gives?
    has anyone else encountered this issue or do you have any ideas how else to sync videos to windows phone?
    06-07-2013 03:32 PM

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