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Daniel Rubino
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  • Hi Daniel.
    What's with the website redesign? Though it looks good in desktop mode, it's not properly scaling up on my L920 with DP. Having to view on my iPad now?
    Hey Daniel how are you? I just wanted to ask you about the hidden gems game. Is this still up? Or do I have to wait for a new round? And how and where do I need to post about the app and what it does?

    Daniel, I am going to give this another try to get an answer from you and I remain hopeful you will answer since this is a very important issue to me given my vision disability:

    Does the SDK for Windows Mobile 8 you looked at show if it has text reflow in the browser?
    was wondering if you could sticky my thread "lets introduce ourselves" in the windows phone 7 OS discussion forum. with it being moved to the genreal discussion thread, it doesnt get read... and i think it is important for the members to get to know one another, especially because things sometimes get heated due to being so passionate about certain opinions. what do you think?
    Hi Mal..Glad I was able to find you. I got a few ??? for you about my OS..and since you cooked it up I thought it best to come bck to you and get help. First off let me remind you I am a total newbie to all this. I absolutly love, love, love all that you did when you made your last OS. It rocks Anyway. I am having some issues with my phone9 Sprint.T2 Pro The programs are freezing up on me ALOT. and there really doggy latley. To the point where several times a day, I'll have to popout battery just to get it unstuck. I checked my space (memory I have left and its hardley used at all. I also have an extra
    memory chip stuck in thee. I have maybe 40 pics on phone and maybe 60 songs. But these problems Iv'e been having has been going on quite a while now. There will be one or two more pages to follow since i went over the 1000 word..sorry
    Mal-Where have you posted your Treo Pro 6.5 or 6.5.x ROM(s)? I haven't been able to find them and I just got a new TP. Thanks.-- Andrew
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