03-16-2016 02:10 PM
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  1. rambo47's Avatar
    I'm an iPhone user and bought the band knowing it was really designed for use with a WP device. I was very pleasantly surprised at how well it integrated with my iPhone 6. Even text notifications, a prime reason for my buying it, works great. And I didn't even know I would have my Starbucks card on my wrist when I bough it but it was a wonderful surprise!

    Great fit and feel. Easy to slip on and off.
    Battery life is great. Give it a short (30 minute) charge. like when I'm in the shower, and I'll never run out of juice.
    Doubles as a watch. I'm more of an analog watch kind of guy, and I ALWAYS wear a watch, but the Band never leaves me feeling naked.
    Sleep monitoring.
    Customizable via the Microsoft Health app - background color, tile arrangement, etc.

    Heart rate monitor is WILDLY INACCURATE. To the point of being utterly useless.
    Calories burned is equally inaccurate.

    I'm hoping this inaccuracy is not a design flaw and can be improved with a firmware update. Maybe I was too optimistic, believing a wrist-only monitor could be even close to a Polar heart rate monitor chest strap. But this level of inaccuracy is troubling. The hand grips on the treadmill read my heart rate at 145 bpm. My Band says 200 bpm. If my heart was beating at 200 bpm I'd be staring at it on the floor next to me, in tatters, getting blood all over the clean gym floor. Likewise, even working as hard as I do in the gym for 45 minutes straight, there is NO WAY I burned 1200 calories. I'd estimate calorie burn at maybe half that. MAYBE.

    I'm going to try a Jawbone Up24 or one of the FitBits (Charge or Surge). The Jawbone doesn't have a screen so results will only be viewable on my phone after my workout. But considering how useless the Microsoft Band's hear rate monitor is, I'm not really losing anything with that feature. And there is no telling if the FitBit units will be any more accurate for heart rate monitoring, but they can't be any worse.
    12-19-2014 01:00 PM
  2. happytoon's Avatar
    I was also worry about all the nasty reviews about the bulkiness, comfort, weight etc.
    I opened mine yesterday and very pleased to report that it is actually smaller than my previous watch, a Suunto. Thinner, it fits perfectly my wrist (large) and the screen on the inside is Best ( to use and read the band)...
    Absolutely no complains about comfort, weight and size... I really forget it on my wrist... (perhaps also because I was used to wear a large metallic (heavy) watch before.)
    I can easily put my shirt sleeve on top of the band, so that the band is hidden while typing on a keyboard etc.
    The claps mechanism is great for a perfect fit...
    Well impressed with the band (not even mentioning the features of the band etc!)
    To me, all these bad online reviews are so far overstated (our the guys are not used to wear a watch!)...
    12-21-2014 06:55 PM
  3. gernerttl's Avatar
    I've had mine now for two days and LOVE it!

    Pros: It replaced a fairly large Casio G series watch, so weight at bulk are negligible for me. I'm kind of mixed between screen on the inside of my wrist or on top. Both are fine with me. But using the Starbucks app seems to be easier to use when it is on top. I am so glad Microsoft included a screen protector! I have already put marks on it from the railing on the stairwell in our house. lol. The ability to adjust the band makes the fit perfect (I have a large). I haven't tested battery life yet. I normally don't wear my watch to bed so I haven't tried the sleep tracking function yet. I have an Icon with WP8.1.1 DP and it doesn't seem to affect my phone's battery life much. We're supposed to get Denim in Jan so we'll see how Bluetooth 4.0 helps.

    Cons: The biggest issue I see with this device is that it is not waterproof. In this day in age you would have thought Microsoft could have at least made it waterproof down to at least 10 - 15 feet. That would allow for people who swim and would work in pretty much any swimming pool. Of course waterproofing would have added bulk to the device. According to Microsoft it water resistant down to 1 meter for 30 minutes. I'm not planning on testing that. lol. I haven't found any other major cons yet.

    Overall: This is my first smart watch of this type. I have the original Pebble, but because of Pebble's lack of WP support, I hardly use it. This does everything my Pebble does and then some, and it looks really slick. I am so glad I got one. Microsoft did a great job for a first time try in the wearables market.
    12-25-2014 12:15 AM
  4. David Guzman3's Avatar
    It's cool but I wish the voice recognition would allow us to utilize the text reply function better. Why can't we reply to a text using our voice. Would be a lot cooler
    12-27-2014 02:39 PM
  5. threewulfmoon's Avatar
    I've had my Band nice Christmas day, and overall I am satisfied with it. I was interested in the Band ever since it was announced, and despite the mixed reviews, I wanted to give it a try. I found one in stock in mid-December, but since it was so close to Christmas, I put it under the tree as a gift from Santa. I'm using mine with a Lumina 1520 and set up had a few hiccups until all of the developer preview updates were installed. That being said, the Bluetooth connection is fairly steady.

    First observation: It's not as big, clunky, or uncomfortable as many of the leading reviews would lead you to believe. I've got small hands for a guy, but I wear a large Band comfortably with the screen facing the inside of my wrist. Second observation: the concerns raised about durability are true. I got mine on Christmas Day and spent the next few days at home (other than a target shooting outing on Saturday). While I was checking a notification today, I noticed a large nick on the side of my Band. Nothing that would affect the functioning of the unit, but I have no clue on what I did to cause it and I have a feeling it will be collecting more character marks over time. I purchased the protection plan so I'm good to go on accidental damage.

    The Band is an ambitious device to say the least, and it does a decent job at everything it tries to do, but it doesn't excel at anything. However, the upside is that a lot of what is wrong or lacking could perhaps be corrected with a firmware update. I'd love to see double-tap to wake or an accelerometer-activated watch mode. It will also be interesting to see how 3rd party developers expand what the Band can do.

    If the second version could work on durability and waterproofing, the Band could be the best piece of wearable tech out there. Even in its current form, the Band is a good piece of kit. I applaud Microsoft for making the Band platform agnostic. Microsoft also deserves kudos for beating Apple to the punch in the wearables market and delivering a device that does an admirable job of covering a wide range of bases. If I was assigning a numerical score, I'd give the Band a solid 85%. It does much more right than it gets wrong, and is a good value at $199.
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    12-29-2014 09:20 PM
  6. Jeremy Griffith's Avatar
    I bought my Band about a month ago and have worn it every day since I bought it. I have a size medium and wear it on my left (non-dominant) wrist facing out. The short version is, I love it.

    This is my first fitness wearable so I can't really speak to the accuracy of the data it gives me as compared to other, similar devices. I do not find it bulky or uncomfortable. I charge it every day while I'm in the shower/getting dressed/ready for work. I've never worn the battery down all the way to empty, but I imagine I would get 48 hours out of a full charge (it drops from 100% to about 60% after 24 hrs).

    I really like it because it gives me data that makes it easier for me to change my behavior. I've lost about ten pounds and an inch off my waist in the last six weeks or so just by monitoring my daily caloric intake and setting a realistic daily step count goal.

    I have it paired to my Lumia 920 and use the Cortana features to set calendar reminders. I like the notifications feature more than I thought I would and I particularly like the haptic feedback for incoming texts. I don't always feel my phone vibrate in my pocket.

    It has turned out to be a great purchase. I'm really excited to see how MS updates the software/firmware in the upcoming year.
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    01-01-2015 06:39 AM
  7. ablahblah's Avatar
    I never really bought the band as a fitness wearable. It's nice to see heartrate monitored and sleep tracking motivates me to sleep more sometimes, but the impact isn't really a lot on me. Guided workouts are nice, since I'm usually not very motivated to workout on my own, heh.

    I wanted to get the band as a phone accessory. In today's connected world, it irks me sometime when I'm not able to communicate because I'm rushing somewhere or when I'm on a bike. There are times when you can't have your phone out. At the same time, I'm sick of always pulling my phone out, because I keep seeing people do it, and I think it kills social interaction in my generation to an extent. I was excited when Cortana came out, because of all the things she could do, and I contemplated getting a Bluetooth headset as a solution. I decided against it because a., it's not safe, ideally I would use a bone conduction headset so I could hear my surroundings but that tech isn't mature yet, b. there isn't a design yet that won't fall off when you're jostling around.
    The band gets close to all that I want. I was stoked for Cortana integration, since now I can just dictate off a quick line while walking or when I'm at a stop light. It also just pushes a lot of data to you via tiles. I don't really need to ask Cortana "How's the weather going to be like?", I just scroll to the tile, and done. Same for appointments, texts, and calls. Overall, the result is that I don't need to pull my phone out to check basic info anymore; my phone itself has literally not made a notification beep or buzz in the past month. The band has also been somewhat discreet, and I like that. Most people don't question it; most people don't even realize it has a screen until I deliberately show them. For all they know I'm just looking at my phone less and less.

    From using it over the last month, it is definitely a part of a first generation of devices, it's a 1.0. Generation 2 will be a heck of a lot better implemented, but for a proof of concept device, I'm really excited.
    01-08-2015 10:54 PM
  8. Shad0wguy's Avatar
    Finally got a hold of a Band yesterday after hunting for one since late November. So far it is nice. I am not a watch person, but I don't find it uncomfortable. In fact a lot of the time I barely notice it. With just a day of use I don't have much to go on so far, but I already have a few gripes. Mainly not all notifications come to my band. I've had multiple instances of emails not alerting me on my band. Another thing is that the Facebook tile always says there is no data. I'm wondering if this is because I use the facebook beta app on my phone. I haven't tried all the features yet, but sleep tracking seemed to work well. I'll update in a month or so after I've have the chance to test more features.
    01-15-2015 08:28 AM
  9. novaprime9's Avatar
    You are correct, Facebook Beta doesn't sync with the band. Only the actual Facebook app (I haven't actually tested this, just read it. I use the notification center and allow Facebook Beta to use toast notifications, so they show up on the band).
    01-15-2015 08:31 AM
  10. Shad0wguy's Avatar
    You are correct, Facebook Beta doesn't sync with the band. Only the actual Facebook app (I haven't actually tested this, just read it. I use the notification center and allow Facebook Beta to use toast notifications, so they show up on the band).
    Thats another thing, the notification tile doesn't seem to update for me. I have one notification in there from yesterday, but no additional notifications, though plenty have come through.
    01-15-2015 11:41 AM
  11. pepelepieux's Avatar
    Hey Shad,

    You need to give the band and the notification tile a few days before you can see all the notifications pushed through the band.
    Besides you need to set "banner ON" on your phone for each notification you want to be pushed through the band.
    The toast notification triggers the process.

    I had the same issue at beginning but everything is OK now.
    Let us know.

    Ps :
    Mail, text and phone don t need toasts to trigger notifications on the band.
    Only apps+FB+Twitter do.
    01-15-2015 04:07 PM
  12. bobsentell's Avatar
    Okay, had it over a month now. I can honestly say that I now miss it when I don't wear it. It took me a couple weeks to get used to its presence and now I hardly notice when I wear it.

    Only gripes are the Health app seems a little sluggish, but that may be due to the fact I have a 1020 (still waiting on its sequel to upgrade), and HR LED is so bright I can see it at night on occasion. The only things I would suggest for version two would be a slightly softer material that would better conform to skin shape, implement inductive charging instead of the contacts, and buyout the Band Wallpaper guy and integrate his app into the Health app.
    01-15-2015 08:40 PM
  13. frankthomasbc's Avatar
    Can anyone help me to extend the two rings to six rings prior to going to voice mail I have been searching but can not find

    Thank you
    01-19-2015 08:18 AM
  14. mkg3's Avatar
    Band has been ok...good, perhaps. I've worn it everyday since Christmas. I do not use sleep monitor or guided workouts. I have a good routines for workout (5x week) and sleep well at night.

    - HR monitor
    - Calories burned
    - Pedometer
    - Message/email/caller-ID notifications
    - Count down timer

    - Got to get past bit of awkward fit around the wrist
    - No control over font size on screen
    - No control over the notification display duration
    - Lack of ability to extract all the data (MS Health app is poor)
    - No integration with HealthVault, HealthKit or any other integration option

    From design stand point, it is masculine and cannot imagine any woman wearing Band. Not a color issue; rather, its proportions and overall appearance. Being a man, its fine for me but my wife would not be caught dead with it.

    I would like to have had the display to be on the side of my wrist. On top or bottom of the wrist, like a watch, is problematic if you want to read the data at a glance without a wrist motion. One has to turn the wrist to see the display currently. Because of the battery and sensor layout, the hard-shaped Band cannot be worn to face the display on the side of the wrist. The clasp add to the bulkiness and makes wearing face down look rather odd.

    Overall, it is a typical Microsoft product. Has all the capabilities, with less than ideal interfaces and data availability. I would really like to know the calories burn by the hour over time so that I can adjust my day to do more (or less) based on calories expended. Right now, I have to go day by day and extract that data manually - WTF.... Weekly view is nice but its per day.

    Still, its better than most, especially if MS ever invoke the use of all the sensors (e.g., galvanic skin measure and temperature) and make data fully accessible from collected measurements.
    01-19-2015 02:01 PM
  15. fgol's Avatar
    Bought a Band 4 days ago and have been really enjoying it. It replaced my Pebble which had become virtually orphaned when I switched from Android to WP.

    Fit - I could have bought a medium and kept the clasp at its widest setting or a large and had more flexibility with the snugness of the fit. I chose the large and have been happy. The flat screen part is 2 inches long. The Pebble was about 2 inches too so I've been okay with the fit. I wear it on the top of my wrist, not the inside.

    Screen - MS was still running a promotion and tossed in a screen protector. Stupidly, I didn't pay close enough attention when I applied it and left an air bubble in the center of the screen; that has since disappeared and the shield is completely invisible. The screen is vibrant and sharp. I haven't had the opportunity to look at it in bright sunlight yet. The touch part has been good. The scrolling momentum takes some getting used to but it's fine. When I wear my glasses, the font is very clear. Without them, the word by word reading feature works very well. I tried the on screen keyboard for fun though I'm not sure it's 100% useful. If ever I'm in a hostage situation and need to get a secretive message out I'll be glad to have it.

    Battery - I have the heart monitor on and GPS off. (I can see using the GPS for a hike or run - when it gets warmer outside.) I have watch mode turned on all day, heptic feedback on high, BT on all day, and screen on medium and the battery is barely used at the end of the day - maybe still at 80%? I tend to charge it every night so battery life is good; I think I could easily get two days out of it if necessary (though I did buy a spare cable just in case.)

    Use: It's great having my phone alerts completely on silent; with the Band I never miss a message or call. Talking to Cortana works extremely well. I thought I'd miss music control but Cortana can control the music much more than the Pebble's "Play, Pause, FF, REW." I can say "Play xxxxx" or "next song" or whatever and it happens.

    - When I use Cortana through the Band it unlocks the phone. When the phone's in my pants pocket, odds are tiles and on-screen buttons are getting pushed. That can be a problem if I am unaware of that behavior. I had to set the screen lock time out to 60 seconds to try to avoid apps getting tapped yet if the screen thinks it *is* being tapped it will never self lock. I wish the phone would stay locked when I use the Band.
    - I wish I could set separate alerts for texts vs. e-mail vs. whatever. I tend to want to look at texts immediately but if I'm occupied I can let e-mail wait. One buzz if by POP/IMAP and two if by SMS would be handy.
    - I wish I could dismiss alerts in either direction (Band to phone; phone to Band.)

    The good news is, each of these wishes can be granted via software updates. I hope they come true.

    So far.... liking it a lot.
    03-03-2015 09:40 AM
  16. Mike Majeski's Avatar
    Quick tip for those who have found the perfect fit on their band - I took an exacto knife and made a faint mark on the side of the strap so I know where to line it up for the best fit.
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    03-17-2015 07:50 AM
  17. Kronus24's Avatar
    Quick tip for those who have found the perfect fit on their band - I took an exacto knife and made a faint mark on the side of the strap so I know where to line it up for the best fit.
    Any pics, to help please?
    03-17-2015 04:44 PM
  18. flicker0x7's Avatar
    Has anyone done any extensive testing on the HR monitor? I keep seeing these conflicting opinions, some are claiming that it's terrible while others say it's among the best and this is the primary thing that's holding me back right now.
    03-19-2015 05:32 AM
  19. Crakeur's Avatar
    I'm surprised the band fits as comfortably as it does. I've been wearing it for about 6 hours or so and I barely notice it. It will definitely take some adjustment, wearing a digital band when I'm so used to the old fashioned time pieces but the one thing that I'm shocked about is how bad the step counting is.

    I've been sitting at my desk for most of the last 6 hours. I have walked to the bathroom once, which is about 30 feet from my office, and, maybe, a few trips to the printer, which is 15 feet away and, yet, I've taken close to 2600 steps, according to the band.

    There's no way that's right.

    The notifications are annoying while I'm at my desk, where my phone and pc give me the info that the vibrating alerts me to but, when my crazy hours disappear, and I am out and about again, I think it will be a nice perk.

    If microsoft, or someone else, can get the band to control the music app, then my world would be complete.
    03-19-2015 07:53 PM
  20. th34monk3ys's Avatar
    Most of these comments are out dated, vault and the band app have been connected, nice to see progress could deal with more info on charts however Microsoft are listening
    03-19-2015 08:44 PM
  21. fgol's Avatar
    I spent a few days in the hospital last week (I'm doing fine now, thanks) and had my vitals checked every 4 hours or so. The HR was surprisingly accurate compared to the official measurements. But the knock on wrist monitors is that they're accurate when at rest but less so with elevated heart rates - like when exercising.
    03-20-2015 07:37 AM
  22. fgol's Avatar
    I'm surprised the band fits as comfortably as it does.
    If microsoft, or someone else, can get the band to control the music app, then my world would be complete.
    Yes - I find it to be very comfortable as well.

    Re the music app, with WP Cortana can handle playing and skipping from the Band but yes, a dedicated music controller wouldn't hurt to have.
    03-20-2015 07:39 AM
  23. Crakeur's Avatar
    My need for a dedicated music app is due to Music stopping all the time. I've got songs that, for reasons unknown, won't play (moved from Zune, no DRM Free) and, when these songs come on, the Music app stops playing which means I have to get my phone out and restart a new random set of music. In the winter, it's a hassle getting the phone out from under all those layers.

    being able to just hit a play all button on the watch would be incredible.

    Plus, I don't want to be spotted talking to my wrist in public.
    03-20-2015 10:55 AM
  24. buffalosolja's Avatar
    Review of my Fitbit 3days usage vs Fitbit user for about a year and 40days with charge hr.

    First of the band does take some getting use to but nothing to hold against it in the form factor it is. After using a Fitbit Charge recently the weight is noticeable at first.

    It does everything remarkably well I really haven't tapped into all the resources yet but it is a wonderfully built unit. I had to make a screen protector because I read about the scratches but saw first hand how quickly they come. I haven't mastered the texting yet as I haven't had to really use it I suspect it will come in hand during the work week.

    A couple of things that I am missing from my Fitbit is the automatic sleep tracking, I hope MS introduces this with a firmware update. Going to sleep for me is really not planned just happens so remembering to start sleep tracking was difficult with my flex (why I picked up charge Hr). Another thing that I am stuck in right now is that I have a pretty big Fitbit group and we do workweek challenges and such so I am wearing two devices now a band and flex (gave wife hr). And I am feeling a little odd (maybe too connected).

    Step tracking so far has been less on band which is good makes me more motivated. As well as the heart rate tracking on both the Charge HR and Band are about the same for me. But I run very low 60s and mid 50's most of the time so I know it is relatively close.

    I see a ton of potential for the band I am having my daughter photoshop a family portrait on the resolution of the band for a simple reminder that I am not just living my life for myself but I am also living for them. The true test for me on this device is how it holds up in my men's basketball games. I usually buy a extended warranty on everything and feel it may be needed for the band. I am going read some more on the band but I love it so far.

    Sorry about the broken post just excited about a new piece of equipment and I am typing with my one yr old in my lap :) I would suggest this to anyone looking for fitness tracking but if they are integrated in with Fitbit (my experience) it will be hard to change because of app/social structure.
    03-22-2015 09:28 AM
  25. Kronus24's Avatar
    I've been sitting at my desk for most of the last 6 hours. I have walked to the bathroom once, which is about 30 feet from my office, and, maybe, a few trips to the printer, which is 15 feet away and, yet, I've taken close to 2600 steps, according to the band.
    Did you calibrated your device first?

    "turn GPS on and exercise or walk around, it uses this data to help determine what a step is for your personal device. In short, it helps to calibrate the device and accurately record your steps.

    So if you have not turned GPS on (which you can do by selecting the Run tile, then starting a run), you need to do so now to make sure your device gets accurately aligned to your true step motion.
    You need to calibrate your Microsoft Band: Here's how
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    03-23-2015 08:22 AM
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