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    Hi All!

    PLEASE do post your opinions/proper tests with regards to the Band 2's :-
    Heart Rate Monitoring and Barometer Accuracy - ESPECIALLY during HIIT Exercise i.e High intensity Sprinting etc, Stair Climbs/Sprints, Crossfit, Weight Training, Jogging, etc etc

    Additionally anyone care to comment on their VO2 Max readings !??

    PLEASE do ensure that the Band is worn correctly (as per the Guidelines mentioned in the manual) !

    Many People including an MIT researcher find the Band 1 very accurate BUT many others say the opposite (especially on this Forum).

    Google this if needed - The Struggle for Accurate Measurements on Your Wrist

    Thanks guys (I live in India and I really want/need an accurate Fitness Band)
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    11-03-2015 12:36 AM
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    Something to think about a quick google turned up a few facts:

    "Sea-level barometer readings usually range from about 29.70 inches of mercury to 30.20"
    A range of 0.5 inches.

    "You can convert your observed pressure to sea-level by subtracting .06 inches for every 50 feet in altitude."
    That's 0.012 per "floor".

    Conclusion: weather can cause the equivalent of a 40 floor change.

    And looking at the barometer below, that range is conservative.

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  3. indylux's Avatar
    I'm still waiting for my VO2 Max to get calculated. I may need to do more intense workouts. Anyone else have it show up yet?
    11-12-2015 11:20 PM
  4. poit57's Avatar
    I'm still waiting for my VO2 Max to get calculated. I may need to do more intense workouts. Anyone else have it show up yet?
    I believe the requirement is 5 running or biking workouts. If you are just using the exercise tile, it won't rate your VO2 max. When they added this feature earlier this year, the workouts prior to this feature being added were not included in the calculation. Once I completed 5 additional runs, I think it was a matter of a day before the VO2 max was calculated.
    11-13-2015 12:29 PM

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