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    After using Lumia 530 for over a year, I have decided that I won't recommend this Phone to anyone else.

    The reason is that , Microsoft has good team for Marketing, but not a good team of Software Engineers.

    Lumia 530 has n number of Limitations. Surprisingly no OS update has reached to us in last 1 year.

    Regarding Videos everyone will realize following limitations -
    1) No provision to classify or hide videos. Not all videos in a Phone be shown to all people. This is a shameless negligence from Microsoft Engineers. You need folders to classify your cartoon - animation videos, your Business videos, your Movies .

    But Lumia 530/630/730 puts them all in the same place. Hence, when I wish to show Business Video to my Boss on Lumia, My boss noticed other cartoon and other videos and laughed on me. I don't know how Lumia missed this basic function of classification of Files?? This feature was existing in earlier Nokia phones.

    2) You can also realize that you cannot share your Videos or send them on mail.

    3) Generally Business proposals are sent in pdf format. But Lumia has very limited support for pdf files.You cannot attach pdf files to your email.
    Again Microsoft Engineers neglected this basic functionality.

    Surprisingly not a single OS update has reached to us in last 1 year. I am sure that even the CEO of Microsoft should be using Apple iPhone or Android phone. Ever if he realized the n number of limitations in Lumia, he would sack the guilty people.

    09-13-2015 08:48 AM
  2. gpobernardo's Avatar
    1) You can; use the Microsoft Files app and use that to sort your Video files out.

    2). You can, I just did. If the video was taken using your camera, then simply go to Photo Hub, tap on the video, tap on the ellipsis, then tap "share". In the next page, choose any email account, after which the video will be attached in that email. This can also be done through Microsoft Files app (if the Video has already been sorted out into a certain folder through #1) - but do note that the size of the video will be limited to the attachment size limitation of your email client. If you want to share larger videos, you may need to use OneDrive and then simply share the link to the location of the video.

    3). You can, especially if the file is in OneDrive or is already in your phone - just use Microsoft's Files app.

    All of these can be done using the Microsoft Files app. Just tapping and holding on any file will bring up the share option, after which you would already be able to share the video through email (or any supported app). Hence, we'd rather want to share the information and solutions to these problems so that our N number of Lumia users will know the appropriate solution.

    For more information, visit: Taking, editing and sharing videos with your Windows Phone 8.1 | Windows Phone How-to
    09-13-2015 11:22 PM

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