S Duo is meant to be used in an office set up, not as a smartphone


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Jun 26, 2019
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I am glad that Microsoft launched a second version of Surface Duo. But I have few observations and suggestions for Microsoft.

1. I get that this device is an extension for Office 365 and its productivity apps like Power BI, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, To Do, Teams, Calendar, Streams, Planner, MS Project etc. This can be used by people in office set-up or during business travels and meetings. But many people still think that it's an alternative to their current smartphone and hence find this form factor to be weird. Microsoft should be blamed for this because they failed to get this message out properly. They should have mentioned it clearly this this is a productivity device designed to be used in an office set-up.

2. Coming to this device now, there are some software bugs and that is not expected in a 1500-dollar device. Microsoft should take a cue from their ex-partner Nokia whose hardware never had such bugs at launch, and should invest more in pre-launch test cycles. No device is perfect, it has to be made perfect!

3. My third and last advice is to please get rid of that camera bump. It not only makes the device bulky, but it completely kills the cool look that Surface Duo had. I will prefer to have a mediocre camera than this bump. You can instead provide a camera extension that can be hooked into one of the ports to enhance the camera experience or something like that.

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