1. LuvMeSomeWP's Avatar
    I can't seem to pair the DT-903 with 950 XL.
    Guessing it's because it only works with WP8.1 with Device Hub installed...

    Did anyone else get it working? This is going to be one very expensive wireless charger if MS decides not to release drivers/updates to support DT-903, and force users to get the upcoming DT-904!
    11-26-2015 01:02 AM
  2. aximtreo's Avatar
    Before you give up, try turning your phone in landscape and see if it works. My 950xl would not pair in portrait stand but when turned to landscpe, it paired fine.
    11-26-2015 08:29 AM
  3. LuvMeSomeWP's Avatar
    Are you referring to using the NFC to pair?
    Because I'm able to hold the NFC over the right spot, and it brings up the prompt to pair the device. But it doesn't actually pair after that - keeps saying it failed to pair.
    11-26-2015 07:27 PM
  4. TankWart's Avatar
    I just paired my 950 xl via bluetooth without a problem (portrait)
    11-27-2015 09:52 AM
  5. cb950xl's Avatar
    I am having the same problem. The 950 XL recognizes the charger, but will not pair. It will slowly charge, but the reason I bought it was for the features such as letting you know when your battery was low or you missed a message. The specs on the DT-904 look the same as the DT-903. It will pair with my wife’s 640 that has an external Qi receiver. I only bought it because I knew I would be getting the 950 XL.
    11-30-2015 12:07 AM
  6. vidhyasome's Avatar
    Mine paired, just tap the area near the rear camera on the 950XL to the spot at the bottom of the DT-903 where its written 'nfc'. Device hub functions can be achieved through the Gadgets app in the 950XL...

    Hope this helps...
    11-30-2015 06:50 PM
  7. Rvacha's Avatar
    My 950 XL paired with the DT-903 (new for me today) via NFC perfectly the first time. However my L920 running 586.11 simply refuses to pair, so I guess its hit or miss
    12-01-2015 05:47 PM
  8. DLong4's Avatar
    My 950XL was able to be paired via the Gadget app. My 950 cannot pair to it at all.
    12-01-2015 05:54 PM
  9. cb950xl's Avatar
    Mine paired, just tap the area near the rear camera on the 950XL to the spot at the bottom of the DT-903 where its written 'nfc'. Device hub functions can be achieved through the Gadgets app in the 950XL...

    Hope this helps...
    Thanks. I have tried that but still no luck. Maybe I got an old one with older firmware
    12-03-2015 01:40 AM
  10. Vickk11's Avatar
    Same here. Lumia 950 won't pair no matter what !
    12-03-2015 06:18 PM
  11. Nakazul's Avatar
    It won't find the DT-903 on my 950 xl :(
    12-06-2015 06:18 PM
  12. shinsenai's Avatar
    My 950 XL paired with DT-903 using NFC without any problem. Same with the DT-910 stand. However, with the 910 the problem is that it doesn't charge because of the single coil charging area. I can get it to seemingly charge in a carefully placed landscape position, but it keeps switching on and off and charging speed is almost negligible. There are many other Qi cradles around, albeit not from major brands and none with pairing features, AFAICS. I'll try a couple of them.
    Last edited by shinsenai; 12-07-2015 at 05:12 AM.
    12-07-2015 02:36 AM
  13. th34monk3ys's Avatar
    I have a dt-900 it charges my 950xl fine it's not quick charge but fine for charge over night? I've never seen pairing at all on it is this feature of new chargers?
    12-07-2015 05:03 AM
  14. shinsenai's Avatar
    The DT-900 doesn't have NFC. The newer DT-903/904 have it.
    12-07-2015 05:16 AM
  15. th34monk3ys's Avatar
    May I ask what is the point of having nfc on charger?
    12-07-2015 07:18 AM
  16. shinsenai's Avatar
    You can pair it with the phone and then monitor the charging status from the Gadgets app and configure associated applications, for example if you want to have some action to happen automatically when you charge the phone. I have a charger in one room that I've configured to start Groove and play music when I put the phone on top of it. You can also see on a map where the charger was the last time you connected it, although I guess a charger doesn't move that much after all :-)
    12-07-2015 08:03 AM
  17. th34monk3ys's Avatar
    Nothing really useful for me, although wireless charger for car to initiate groove could be are there any with this kind of use?
    12-08-2015 03:37 AM
  18. cb950xl's Avatar
    I just found my solution to my pairing problem at forum "Lumia 950XL - Paired with DT-903.. Doesn't show notifications from the charger..? A post by JoaoCSM which stated the following "Just clean the pairing from Lumia 950 XL and from the charger (long press on the bottom button until it blinks a few times).

    Then open the Gadgets app on Lumia and pair the charger from there. It will ask permission to pair and so on. After the pairing is done you'll have all the options related to notifications, charging needed warning and led bright.

    This fixed my problem Thanks to JoaoCSM
    12-11-2015 11:32 AM
  19. Hmoll1's Avatar
    I just found my solution ... "Just clean the pairing from Lumia 950 XL and from the charger (long press on the bottom button until it blinks a few times).
    You're a genius! I totally forgot that button existed. Fixed my problem. Thanks!
    12-14-2015 09:56 AM
  20. ohrigeeta's Avatar
    still does nt work.. any other ideas? it keeps dropping. wont let me turn on "blink when these apps send notifications". when i go to that screen, the connection drops. restores itself. then tells me paired and ready to receive notifications. but i dont have the option to choose the apps..nothing..Lumia 950 XL. with DT 903. Any help please!! New to windows phone and this is getting frustrating. I have cleared, reset, done all i could. Thx
    01-26-2016 07:21 PM
  21. ohrigeeta's Avatar
    Ok I have self resolved. Cleared pairing..do not forget to reboot phone or else back to square one. All cool now!!!
    01-27-2016 10:12 AM
  22. andrewstuart's Avatar
    Same here, it will pair via bluetooth but not through the gadgets app. Endless rebooting and resetting following the instructions above and still no joy. I have the 950 Xl too
    02-10-2016 04:37 PM
  23. Jack Ciriello's Avatar
    lol. I can't believe I never realized that there is a button on the bottom of the charging plate...

    Hold it for 8 seconds to clear previous pairings and the phone connects through NFC without issue...

    Feel so stupid.
    04-21-2017 11:44 AM

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