1. richbryant's Avatar
    My Lumia 950 XL arrived this morning. I've put my SIM in it and switched it on, plugged into a power point.

    So far it's been displaying "getting things ready..." for well over an hour.

    Is this normal?
    12-15-2015 06:53 AM
  2. emjey's Avatar
    I don't think it takes an hour. Max half an hour is acceptable. I m not sure if its installing a latest updates that depends on your network speed. If it takes more than a couple of hours, I m afraid u need to restart the device.
    12-15-2015 06:55 AM
  3. richbryant's Avatar
    I repopped that battery and it was fine.

    The only minor disappointment is that the UK version is sadly not dual-sim.
    12-15-2015 10:22 AM
  4. nokia4life's Avatar
    yeah I would agree it took about 31 mins for mine to do everything.
    12-15-2015 10:34 AM

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