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    I upgraded my phone from a 928->950XL last year. With the 928, any picture that I took from 2011 (my first windows phone) up until then I could select as a Favorite and it would show on my Photos App Live Tile. I moved to the 950XL, and I can only "Favorite" images from 2016 to show up there. I had my 950XL during x-mas, but I don't have the "heart" icon. However, any photo in 2016 I can "heart".

    What's the deal?
    10-06-2016 08:29 AM
  2. z8er's Avatar
    My guess would most likely be that those photos are not on your device, but on your OneDrive. The photos app will show all your photos, both online and off. Only the photos on your actual device are able to be favorited. Not sure why that is though... Hope that helps!
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    10-11-2016 04:53 PM

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