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    Got Surface Book 17/dgpu/500gb few days ago, along with surface dock and acer UHD 4k2k (B286hk) monitor and right off the start I messed up by trying to create login with my Office365 account (bought through Godaddy) and it would not respond to the login request (issue with third party provider of Office 365 I found out).

    So I had to reboot into bios and disable TPM/Secure Boot so that I could so a factory restore. After several hours the machine was ready to use, and I created a local login account and I am using it now (don't ask about me frustration with trying to get dock to work with 4k monitor, it was nasty).

    Now, I am trying to join my local domain and I am getting the infamous domain could not be found error which could be 100 things. I went through a bunch of them and all the settings and configurations look correct, but what I see is people saying that they cannot joing a domain if TPM is not enabled.

    So I went back into bios and the security area just has one single button now that says UEFI requires a restart to be able to configure this area. I have done several restarts and still the message remains.

    I cannot configure any of the secure boot settings that I used to have. I get the red bar with an unlocked lock icon across the Surface log when booting telling me the machine is not secure, but I cannot edit it in bios anymore to enable it.

    Anyone hear/see anything like that, or have suggestions on how to get those options back in bios so I can edit them?


    01-14-2016 03:06 PM

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