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    The new Surface Go will fail. It will not make any inroads into the Education market. Here is why:
    (Disclaimer: before I get started, I must admit, that as a LONG time Microsoft enthusiast, I am still deeply hurt and in mourning due to the demise of Windows phones (and Groove Music). I was the only staff member using Windows phones over the past 4 years or so, and was constantly the butt of jokes about the platform, and kept sticking up for it up until the very end. My 950 XL sits at the end of my counter, the source of fond memories, and a reminder of ‘what could have been….)
    I teach in a Middle School. Our Technology hardware (and software) has mostly been an even balance of Microsoft/Windows, Apple/iPads, and Android tablets. Over the past 8 years, to my dismay, our Tech Ed Team has been moving us away from PC/Android and more towards Apple/iPads (which are expensive and overprices). Although all our students and staff use Office 365, the PC and Android hardware is movin’ on out.
    If I approach our IT Admin and pitch the new Surface Go, what convincing argument do I have? In Canada, the new cheapest model Go sells for $529 CDN. Add in the $159 type cover, and we’re up to $689 CDN. This is WAY too expensive. It’s what we pay for our iPads (along with the clumsy Belkin keyboards). So…for the same price, I tell them we’ll get a great machine…but NO APPS? At the Middle School level, our Tech Ed leader is preaching ‘It’s all about the apps’ mantra as we get more and more iPads. For Gr 6 – 8 students, it’s ‘all about the apps’ for their assignments and projects. What apps come with the Surface Go? For the same price, and no apps, there’s no way the Go is going anywhere in our school.
    When students aren’t doing iPad app-specific tasks, they’re doing research and collecting their results in their OneNote folders, creating Word docs, Excel projects, Sway etc…all of this using their Office 365 apps. Android tablets, and more recently - Chromebooks, cheaply fill this need. They are super inexpensive, and getting better all the time. I just picked up an ASUS Chromebook, with rubberized edges and back for durability and strength (kids drop stuff…), for $279 CDN. I installed Word and Excel, and can access all my Office 365 web apps; the kids can access their OneNote folders, and print from this device….for basically 1/3rd the price of the Surface Go.
    So…the Go is the same price as our iPads, but doesn’t have any apps, and it’s almost triple the cost of a Chromebook. Why would our IT Ed team even consider this new device? How would/could I convince them to purchase these? What is their ‘selling point’? (don’t say ‘pen support’…trying to keep track of these while having hundreds of 11/12 year-olds using/LOOSING these pens…ah, no).
    07-13-2018 11:46 PM
  2. covfefe's Avatar
    So you are conditioning kids to use ipod pads when the business world uses Windows PCs? Hope you get sued.
    07-16-2018 10:32 PM

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