1. jpnwdc's Avatar
    I bought a new Surface Go (8GB) and had problem using my existing Surface Pen. It paired but drawing with it was awful. Instead of solid strokes it frequently would break up or just show dots on the screen. I called Microsoft support and they suggested I return the Surface Go and get another one - which I did. Same issue! My Surface Pen is the latest generation and works fine with my Surface Book2. Anyone else having similar problem?
    09-15-2018 10:35 PM
  2. ClintRo's Avatar
    Try changing the pen tips.... I had that issue with my SP2017 pen and once I changed the tip it worked.
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    09-16-2018 10:58 PM
  3. DCW1000's Avatar
    I have a few Surface pens of different generations (the original pen from the first release won't work, of course), and the three or four I have tried with the Go have all had problems staying connected or doing what they are supposed to.. While they are connected, they work fine up to the moment they suddenly don't work at all. Annoying. I think it is a pen driver problem that will eventually be corrected. Keypad and mouse still work fine, but the pen has trouble dealing with the same drag or tap actions.

    Depending on how you use your pen, you can sometimes get some extra life out of a dying tip by just pulling out and reversing it. The contact shape is different, but if you change your inking angle by a few degrees you can use it effectively. Sometimes even a finger tap won't close a window or open a link, so it's the screen interaction that is the problem.
    09-17-2018 06:59 PM

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