1. KieranH1's Avatar

    A quick question if someone is familar with this...

    I know that if i want to develop for a surfaceRT tablet I have to use xaml with c#/vb.net....or JS.

    But can I build a normal .NET web application and put it on a surfacePro tablet (I presume surfacePro has IIS) and will it run like a normal surface app i.e. the user can touch enter text? Or does the app have to be in a diffferent format than traditional asp.net to allow touch screen.

    08-30-2013 06:05 AM
  2. gangolfus's Avatar
    Yes, It looks like IIS can be installed on the Surface Pro. A normal asp.net webpage will behave just like any other web page when viewed through a browser. I don't know what you mean by "like a normal surface app". It won't be an app, it will be a webpage, viewed through a web browser and behave like any other webpage viewed through a web browser. It will have the same touch support as any webpage viewed through a browser. If you want to make a Windows Store App, XAML is your only option.
    08-30-2013 08:57 AM
  3. astondg's Avatar
    If you want to make a Windows Store App, XAML is your only option.
    I believe you can build a Windows Store App with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. It wouldn't be hosted in IIS though, it would install and run 'natively' like any other app from the store.
    09-01-2013 07:46 PM

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