Help me, please, to make my everyday work more productive (Surface Laptop 2 vs Macbook Pro 13)


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Nov 25, 2016
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Dear colleagues!
Few weeks ago I became the proud owner of Surface Laptop 2. It so happened that almost simultaneously my relatives presented me last generation Macbook Pro 13. I have been using both for two weeks and I just can’t decide which one is better.
I do the following daily tasks: huge number of mails, work with different types of docs, communication in social networks and messengers with colleagues, Office, Internet. I print a lot, almost 24/7.
In the Mac OS I like the standard mail app, fantastic search, sorting letters, apps such as Spark, Outlook, others don't stand next to the native Mac OS mailer. In addition, I want to note the possibilities of a terrific ecosystem, as I use iPhone XS Max and Apple Watch. But when work begins with files, I become very sad.
I like the touch screen of Surface L2, paired with a trackpad it’s very convenient to work with docs. The work with docs on Win10 is excellent, no problems with formatting and file format. I like to work in the MS Office, it is better, than Mac OS version and there are more settings. Of course, there is no such ecosystem as in the Mac OS (for example, you can't answer a call directly on a laptop when working with emails, docs, and etc. things). Also, working with Mail apps on Windows laptop seems very poor. Now I have EmClient app and there are a lot of lags, no adequate search is possible. I will try to use native Outlook in Win10, but I think that the problem will not be solved with the productive mail app.
What can You suggest me? Maybe You know some Apps, that can make my everyday work more productive? I need Your professional experience. Many thanks!


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Apr 3, 2013
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I agree with the person above.

Also Office 365 has Outlook which is far more powerful than a standard email app and you can use any form of email service on it. It will have pretty much everything you need and more.

Lastly, if you had an Android phone I would have suggested the My Phone app but since you're more in with Apple I'd suggest sticking to Apple.

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