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    I have a surface pro 4 and the new dock. When i plug my monior ( dell 2412m) into the dock via (using vga to mini displayport adapter) , theres an intermittent flicker, like static, the image goes wavy for a second and then its ok again for a few minutes. same issue when plugging into my tv via the dock and vga.

    If i plug the vga straight into the surface, there is no issue.
    I also tried the tv via hdmi through the dock there is no flicker.

    This indicates the issue seems to be when using vga through the dock.
    Anyone experience this problem? is there a known solution?
    11-23-2015 02:39 PM
  2. RoundRobin101's Avatar

    Thanks for bringing this issue up. I'm having the exact same issue. I'm hoping someone could shed some light on it. I just got my Surface Dock yesterday and it's quite a disappointment I can't use it to connect my VGA monitor as a second screen.
    11-25-2015 05:05 AM

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