1. mekanism's Avatar
    Core i5 8g 256gig model-

    I have an issue when using the mini display port connected to an external display. If I leave the display plugged in and put the tablet to sleep then turn it back on the screen is black, and the mouse cursor flickers, never letting me log in. If I leave it this way the computer freezes and I have to do a hard reboot (hold power and volume up).

    I have already submitted this as a bug to Microsoft, just wondering if anyone else has this issue.
    06-30-2017 06:57 PM
  2. realwarder's Avatar
    Check your Intel Display Drivers for updates in Device Manager. Could be an issue requiring a BIOS (firmware) fix though as there is nothing otherwise new about the new SP. I suspect you'll find it will magically start working after they roll out a future update.
    07-02-2017 12:34 AM
  3. rider2040's Avatar
    I have the exact same issue with my i7 8G/256. It happens using the mini displayport as well as the surface dock. I chatted with support earlier this week and they had me use the Software Repair Tool but it didn't fix the problem. There seems to be a driver issue. If they don't get it fixed in the next 12 days, I'm returning my Surface Pro (inside the 30 day window)
    07-02-2017 01:17 AM
  4. DCW1000's Avatar
    I haven't seen this problem on my new Pro, but this recently happened to me on a Surface Book -- black screen and stuttering cursor on waking from sleep. When I unplugged the external monitor, the Surface displayed the lock screen and I could get in. After that, reconnecting the monitor restored the extended display.

    Yeah, this shouldn't happen.
    07-02-2017 11:45 AM
  5. convergent's Avatar
    Is it happening all the time for you guys, or was it working and then stopped? Mine is fine docking to a 4k display.
    07-05-2017 10:19 PM
  6. toddpart's Avatar
    Happening with mine as well :-( Core i5 8/256GB
    07-06-2017 11:49 AM
  7. rider2040's Avatar
    Last Friday I decided to move my Surface Pro to the Insider Fast Ring to get build 16237 and this problem seems to have gone away.

    I do have a new problem in that my Surface will no longer go to sleep unless I press the power button or close the lid, but that it another story.
    07-10-2017 11:58 PM

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