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    The Surface Pro is a device that can be used as a full mobile OS as well as a touchscreen tablet. This is an absolute slam dunk. After all, nobody else really has anything like this yet. Apple is staying out of this game, offering only MacOS on full laptops and iOS on tablets.

    For people that want to consolidate a laptop and a tablet, this hardware nails it. The blend of battery life and raw power creates a jack-of-all-trades that compromises little if anything compared to its competitors at the two ends of the spectrum. Battery life is more than manageable, can be extended with the appropriate setting modifications, and extra longevity is just around the corner with additional keyboard battery options. Before you know it, we'll be able to keep one of these puppies going for 10+ hours--all the while whipping the horses inside that CPU like no other tablet-sized device has ever experienced.

    Sure, at a $1200-ish price point, you can get a regular laptop that will come with 500GB storage and 8MB RAM and be able to handle pretty much anything you can throw at it. At $600 and below you can get an ARM based tablet that will consume media just fine and allow you to keep your eyes glued to it while unplugged for half a day straight, if you're into that kind of experience. But with the Surface Pro, you are just throttling back a notch while enjoying the full PC experience you've always dreamed of for a time interval that is more than adequate except for the most extreme unplanned circumstance. On top of it all, you get the luxury of throwing that bad boy into your small sleeve and redefining the known bounds of full OS portability.

    My opinion is that this new x86 tablet is the benchmark that seamlessly blends the power, cost and versatility in a way that has heretofore only been imagined.

    Do I think this is a brilliant idea? **** yeah! Who needs to wait for a fourth generation, 300GB storage, 6+MB RAM, 12+ hour battery life, laptop CPU behemoth of overkill when I can cover 99% of what I want to accomplish with this beauty. With the Surface Pro, I can ditch the clunky x86 laptop and separate ARM based tablet for portable media consumption. The perfect device, and I save money. Microsoft nailed it.
    02-21-2013 05:20 PM
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    That's not going to work either care to try again?

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