1. 11B1P's Avatar
    I regularly save invoices to my Skydrive account. But I'm having an issue where my Surface can't locate the file on Skydrive. Anyone else had this problem? Seems it started just after I created a new folder in my Skydrive account. I can't figure out how to get the Surface to see my Skydrive account. Suggestions?
    07-31-2013 06:16 PM
  2. hotphil's Avatar
    My SkyDrive's been playing up recently and has started adding the machine name I last used to edit the file into the filename. Might be worth looking (using a browser) to see if the filename is still correct.
    07-31-2013 07:05 PM
  3. rdubmu's Avatar
    There should be an upload center that might be hidden on your task bar, click the arrow up (i think that is what it is, I am using a MAC right now) and you should see any errors on there.

    Usually you just need to resave your documents.
    07-31-2013 07:07 PM
  4. rdubmu's Avatar
    Are you running 8.1 ?
    07-31-2013 07:07 PM
  5. 11B1P's Avatar
    Are you running 8.1 ?
    07-31-2013 08:27 PM
  6. 11B1P's Avatar
    Guess I should have been more detailed. My invoices are MS Word docs created on the desktop. I have a blank business invoice I open, fill in the customer info and then save that as a new doc on Skydrive. For some reason, the Surface is not locating my Skydrive destination.
    07-31-2013 08:30 PM
  7. 11B1P's Avatar
    Well, seems to be working this morning. Must have been a glitch in the system.
    08-01-2013 06:58 AM

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