02-08-2019 06:04 AM
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  1. katymick's Avatar
    Hi this is Kate. I am a newbie here.
    11-29-2018 01:28 AM
  2. dym3nelo's Avatar
    Hellow dondy here also new at the forum :) nice too meet you all.
    12-13-2018 06:09 PM
  3. Ardwych's Avatar
    I'm a relative newcomer here too, and have found my first speedbump in not being allowed to post to an old thread.
    I need 'reputation'. Oh dear.
    I've been a tech enthusiast for a couple of decades and am still active in learning, testing and presenting.
    Forums here look as though they're useful. Let's hope so.
    Hello everyone. Happy New Year.
    12-30-2018 02:57 AM
  4. DevP0ll's Avatar
    Hello everyone. I'm a new Surface Pro 6 owner, love the machine thus far!

    I was a *NIX user turned full-time Mac user in 2007, then in 2015 I escaped Apple Island and switched to Windows 10 (Thinkpad Yoga Gen 1). In 2016 I built a custom rig (i7 6770k, 32GB RAM, Nvidia GTX 1070, MSI z170a M5 Mobo, 4k Dell display, Corsair K70 Rapidfire), still runs great!

    Been so impressed with Win10 I decided to stay in Redmondland and picked up a Surface Pro 6 entry level i5 128GB. Love it!

    I've been a rampant viewer of WC for a few years now, decided to join the forums

    Happy New Year!

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    12-31-2018 01:28 PM
  5. Annie_8plus's Avatar
    Hello everyone! I hang out predominantly over at iMore, but as a Trusted Member and Ambassador, I thought I'd pop in and say hello! I do use a PC at work, so I am somewhat familiar with Windows in that regard!
    01-31-2019 10:25 AM
  6. Johnathan Dalipsingh's Avatar
    Hi, my name is Elexis, and I am new to Windows Central. I'm from Ocala Florida, and I will be starting my senior year here in a few weeks. I enjoy reading, writing stories, watching anime, and going for runs. I'm not really good with talking to other people, but I still hope to make plenty of friends on here.
    I guess 90% of the tech community has problems communicating with others. :) No worries bro.
    02-04-2019 09:01 AM
  7. Johnathan Dalipsingh's Avatar
    Hey good day all, I'm Johnathan, from Trinidad and Tobago, I grew up in tech, my first diagnosis of a problem with a computer was when I was about 8, the machine was a custom built windows 95 PC that had a RAM problem, I always heard my dad screaming that he had to get more RAM, so when I walked into a computer store and saw a random computer awaiting repair, I said "That computer needs new RAM", Turned out that it really needed new RAM, LOL. I have always been fascinated with Computers and Tech, here is to continuing that passion because now I do some coding in Java, HTML/CSS/php and I manage some wordpress sites on my free time. I also started a Youtube page where (for now) I'm doing video about video games and gaming on the whole, later in the future I will venture into more things.
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    02-04-2019 09:17 AM
  8. Andrew Brehm's Avatar
    Hello, everyone. My name is Andrew and I am a Windows Server and (until late last year) OpenVMS system administrator and low-scale Windows programmer. I live in Switzerland. I am a tech enthusiast and mostly prefer proven technologies. I like PowerShell. I _HATE_ notifications. Apart from computers I am interested in history, linguistics, railroads and French and Belgian comic books.
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    02-05-2019 03:13 AM
  9. RichardNess's Avatar
    Hi there! I am Richard!
    02-08-2019 06:04 AM
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